Now, I am sure Corning, New York is something that is new to you. Ever heard of it? Maybe, maybe not. But, one thing I am sure of is... you have probably never heard of this small New York town in your life because you are too busy trying to look for New York, New York. Well, pity for you because Corning is beautiful and if anything, I could argue it's even better than NY, NY in many ways.

Let me tell you, though, you have been sleeping on this small town and I will give you just about ten reasons why. Here's why Corning, New York should not be slept on anymore and why it's probably the most aesthetically pleasing place you've ever seen.

(They also have a Museum of Glass that's the fricking coolest thing ever!)

So, next time you want to spend five g's on NY, NY, by all means, go ahead, but you are missing out on the real treasure.

Here are ten aesthetically pleasing photos from a Corning winter/fall, that will make you feel all cozy inside. Or make you want a jacket, either way, they are some very cool photos. Snow, snow and more snow!









If these didn't do it for you, then I don't know what will. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and whoever runs the Instagram is a goddess or god for doing this. Thank you and I appreciate you. If you ever wanted to know how pretty a winter looked in New York without all the annoying tourist in every single frame, here you go. This is what you need. Here's to Corning, New York!