The Future of Aeronautics

Aeronautics is a hugely booming industry. You got SpaceX doing things with recycled rockets, people are building large drone entities, and now flying taxis. However, I think it going to become much more then that. Eventually we will have advancements in security that allow safer autonomous flight. It is only a matter of time. Also, I believe that huge breakthroughs will happen in the industry.

Ionic airlift propulsion will become a technology of the future. Technological breakthroughs will allow this to happen. But first, VTOL or vertical take of lift will become popular.

Another thing I see is emergency drones being used for medical supply delivery. Drones in itself will also become greatly disrupted with people starting to use hydrogen fuel cells, solar, or CAES powered drones.

In places like Saudi Arabia and Dubai they may start having flying taxis. You will eventually be able to be more interconnected as a planet in terms of transportation from one place to another. We may even start having hyper-loop systems in the sky.

We will be standing on the shoulders of giants and it will spawn new technological breakthroughs, and fields unlike the world has ever seen. Even the environment will be better effected with computer vision and environmental mapping that allows us to improve water quality. We will have drones that can help in police searches for the lost.

We will have advancements in videography. The future of Aeronautics as a whole is quite exciting, and the opportunities feel almost as limitless as the sky.

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