1. Colleges- You'll get in somewhere!

Not only do you have to pick colleges to tour and find your dream school, but you also have to work your butt off to get the GPA you need. Don’t stress about where you’re going, just try your best because hard work pays off. Remember that you’ll end up wherever you’re meant to be.


Whether it’s tutoring, practice tests or the real thing, these tests are constantly in your life for the year. Study and prepare yourself as best as you can, but keep in mind that a number doesn’t define you. Whether you get a 16 or 36, you can still be successful!

3. Parties- FOMO is Ok!

You’re probably going to want to go to every party you’re invited to, but it’s okay to miss some because you have a lot of homework or a huge test to study for. In the long run, an A on your exam will have a grater impact than the picture you posted on Instagram holding a red solo cup. Everyone has FOMO (fear of missing out) at times, but you’ll live.

4. Tests- You got this!

Whether teachers call it a test, quiz or quest, it’s all the same. STUDY! Even if you think you know it all, your teacher can trick you and you won’t be happy when you get back a failing grade. Even if you study for as little as a half hour the night before, it’s better than nothing.

5. Relationships- Ugh

Dating someone junior year might not be the smartest idea, but everyone is different. Just don’t jeopardize your future because you’re in “love.” Remember: you’re only 16 or 17 years old. You have your whole life to date and truly fall for someone.

6. Rushing it- Don't

As much as you say “Can junior year end already?” or “Can I just go to college now?”, don’t rush your life. The first semester senior year is just as stressful as all of junior year, if not worse. You will go to college or wherever life takes you when the time comes. Take advantage of living at home and enjoy being with your parents. Trust me you’ll miss having your mom doing your laundry and making you dinner every night.

Overall, junior year of high school has been the most stressful year of my life so far. I think about my future on a daily basis and study harder than I ever have. Think of it this way, you might as well work hard and do what you need to do for these 10 months so you can have the most amazing four years of your life. Everyone in college will tell you that your hard work and determination truly pays off once you're thriving at your dream school.