Advice To High School Seniors From A Soon-To-Be College Freshman
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Advice To High School Seniors From A Soon-To-Be College Freshman

As I am about to start my next chapter, I want to pass on some advice that I wish I had heard sooner.

Advice To High School Seniors From A Soon-To-Be College Freshman
Mitchell Zoph

1. There’s the one that everyone hears but nobody heeds, savor every moment.

You will miss those boring lectures and bland lunches. Well, maybe not those things, but the memories made because of them. Friday night football games are a staple – don’t miss them. Participate in Spirit Week, even if it isn’t your thing. I always hated it and never participated, but my senior year I did… at least, like, two of the days. And I don’t regret it. You will only regret the moments you don’t live to the fullest. Go to prom. Make that stranger a friend (shout out to my foreign exchange buddies). Stay up late with your friends on Friday nights. And don’t forget to learn valuable lessons.

2. Get your plans together, but don’t stress over them. They probably won’t happen like you have planned.

You should have some idea of what you are doing after high school (an Undecided major counts!). For college-bound students, I recommend having a general idea of your future school by August, college choices narrowed down to a couple by October, and applications in soon after (or before! I applied starting in July but didn’t hear back until later!). You don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing, but apply to the colleges and institutional scholarships you are even remotely interested in as early as possible so you don’t miss out on free money. Know what you are doing no later than March or April if you can. But, like I said, don’t stress if things change or you don’t know what’s going on! Breathe, ask for help, and trust your gut.

3. Make BFFs with your teachers.

I know a lot of people think teachers are the “bad guys,” but let’s be honest. Those kids are wrong, and they probably spend most of their high school career in the principal’s office. I had several teachers who I genuinely enjoyed getting to know even more than my peers. I literally sat in my chemistry teacher’s class during lunch every day and got help with whatever I needed – whether it was school-related or mental-breakdown-over-college-related. My English teacher showed me memes, YouTube videos, and family pictures when I was upset. He also proofread all of my papers and helped me get an A in my toughest college course to date (I was the only one who survived with an A, all because I asked for a lot of help). Moral of the story is, teachers are wiser and smarter and some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Only a true saint would choose to work with teenagers for nine months out of the year.

4. Accept that most of the people around you won’t be seen or heard from again.

After you graduate, you’ll see an occasional Facebook post from your math class acquaintance. It won’t matter if they’re dating your ex from sophomore year. Nothing matters when it comes to those who aren’t in your inner circle. Don’t involve yourself with any drama, and focus on building yourself up and maintaining your close relationships. Those relationships will carry you through all the stress that will come during senior year. They’ll be the ones you’re crying to on the phone because you have no idea what to do. And they’ll be the ones giving you a ride when you get a flat tire. Seriously, keep the people who matter close, and forget the ones you won’t ever hear from again.

5. Be serious when it comes to academics… Seriously.

I know that sometimes you’d rather go to bed than start on that research paper, but write the paper. At least make an outline or write your introduction before you Netflix and nap. It’ll reduce so much of your stress and will improve your grades (which – BTW – matter). It will also help to teach you how to buckle down, which you will need if you’re headed to college. Learning is such an awesome gift, so please don’t take that for granted.

6. Keep a planner.

You might not need it in high school, but get used to it for college or the real world. You can jot down everything you have to do. Hanging with friends, how much you spent at the mall, and when your bills are due… the possibilities are endless. And it will come in handy an innumerable amount of times.

7. Take time for yourself!

While focusing on academics is important, it’s also important to know that time for yourself is a necessity. Whether it is getting a milkshake, binging your favorite series, cuddling with your cat, or all of those things at once, you need to set aside ample time to breathe and destress. You won’t be at your best during this important year if you are overflowing with anxiety and assignments.

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