To My Future Self, Here Are 10 Things I Hope You Don't Forget

If there is one power I wish I had, it would be the ability to see into the future and get a glimpse of my future self. I have no superpowers, but I do have hopes. I hope that my future self will never lose sight of these lessons and key wisdom. But just to ensure my future self won't forget... or needs a reminder...

Here is my advice:

1. Above all, kindness goes a lot further than hatred, anger or jealousy

It takes true strength to be kind when life is mean.

2. Fear is made up

You are not born with fear, it is something you decided you have so decided not to have it. There is no such thing is fear.

3. Don't abuse the power of silence

Sometimes you can't find the right words to say, so don't waste your time saying the wrong ones. Silence speaks louder than a wrong choice of words.

4. Give love to others even if they don't want it

A smile, a gift, a conversation or even just being there for someone can show you love them. I mean, after all, we all get by with a little love here and there along the way.

5. Be confident, but not cocky

Fall in love with who you are, but don't fall in love with your image. If you know you are great, you shouldn't have to promote it or tell people how great you are. Trust me, others will see it.

6. Hold tight to memories, but not successes

Remember the good and the bad in life because memories become learning lessons. Successes come and go, but when they come they feel so special. Don't soak in your success too long, stay persistent and strive to succeed even more.

7. Play by your own rules

There is no set book of guidelines to follow for living a good life. You define your own destiny. Write your own book and make it unique and crafted to who YOU are not who someone else is.

8. Capture moments, not pictures

The quality of your brain will always exceed the quality of the camera on your phone. Spend time looking away from your screen, true beauty can be found around you.

9. Don't be afraid to cry

Cry on your friend's shoulder, cry to a good movie, cry when you are hurt, cry when you are happy and don't hide your tears. It's okay to let life get to you sometimes, it happens to all of us.

Don't try to not feel, the best part about being human is the ability to express emotions.

10. Don't assume everyone has the same heart as you

We are all different and we all feel and handle situations differently. If you live your life thinking people have the same heart as you, you will end up making yourself unhappy.

Understand the differences and always take the high road.

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