“Honestly, can I tell you, ladies, something?”

You know that feeling when you’re in an Uber and the driver starts speaking and you, being cautious of everyone and everything, have no idea what the heck is about to happen. Well, that was me.

It was a typical college Friday night, my friends and I were in an Uber on our way to a party. If you’ve ever been in an Uber, you know they’re not stupid; they know you’re going to a party, and yes, they know that your friend in the backseat is on the verge of puking.


My friends and I were sitting in the Uber talking about random things, when my one friend, Rachel, says something about liking a guy. Cue the Uber driver.

“Honestly, can I tell you, ladies, something? I’m speaking as the guy who knows college boys because I WAS a college boy not too long ago. If a boy isn’t giving you attention that you deserve, don’t worry about him because he isn’t worth it.”

We all looked at each other with shocked expressions on our faces. Our Uber driver??? Giving us boy advice??? What???

“And I don’t know if you guys know this or not but women are f***ing powerful. You have the power, ALL of the power. Men have no power over you. You have NO idea how much power you have.”

“College guys can suck, a lot. STD’s are a thing. Have fun but be very careful and don’t do anything that you don’t want to do. Always remember how much power you have!”

Then, we were at our destination. Typically, people can’t wait to get out of a car, but all 5 of us were so upset that our car ride was over.

He told us about his wife and his kids and how proud he is of them. You could feel all of the love in his heart with every word he said. All of us sat in the back seat in awe with this man and how genuinely good he was. His smile was so genuine.

He was right about everything, though.

I am not a feminist, at all. Nor am I one to preach about anything. I do believe in powerful women doing whatever the heck they want, however. Feminists have a bad reputation to some, but women that believe in women are a blessing.

Someone needs to believe in us because women are looked at as inferior and therefore mistreated. Women are powerful. Women are strong. Women are worth so much more than what you would believe.

So if my Uber driver ever reads this, thank you for your words and your beliefs. You are appreciated.

(Not direct quotes, just summarizations of conversation)