Dear Sky: 5 Questions About College, Life, Time Management, And Cats

Dear Sky: 5 Questions About College, Life, Time Management, And Cats

In need of some advice or to satisfy your curiosity? Look no further than these five questions.


We all need a little bit of advice from time to time, but sometimes we could also start feeling like we need a fresh perspective from someone new as well. Some situations may be major, while others are just minor worries or questions. Whatever it may be, having a good chat with someone about it almost instantly makes you feel better. With that, I've compiled some questions brought up to me by my friends on social media and I'm bringing them to you today in hopes that they may even help you if you're in a similar situation.

How do you enjoy yourself at work?

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I'm sure we've all experienced this multiple times in our lives and it never seems to get any better with each experience. The solution depends on the type of work you're referring to and the environment around you. If you're referring to work as in a career, I think it's important to either find one aspect that you do enjoy and volunteer to tackle that area if you haven't already been asked to do so or bring some other positivity into your environment (ex. music if it's allowed or taking some time to decompress or socialize). In my own opinion, if you're feeling this way with your career, it might be a good idea to reevaluate if that field is really something that you enjoy and want to stick with. Those who do enjoy their career always find the positive in it, even when it does get boring at times.

How do you organize your time/keep track of your assignments as a college student?

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This seems to be a common question among many college students, so I'm really glad that you asked this question! Everyone has their own method that seems to work best for them, so it's best to stick with that once you finally find something, but until then definitely be open to methods you normally wouldn't go for and start from there. I'm new to the whole college scene, but I found a method that works for me back in high school and it's stuck with me ever since: In terms of time, I always make it a point to set a timer for how long I'm planning on doing productive, distraction-free work and go from there. You can pick any increment you want, but I found 30 minutes to work best. After working hard and not getting distracted by social media or other sites (I use an app called Forest to block those apps while I'm working) I typically like to allow myself a break depending on how long I've worked - around 5 to 10 minutes usually, since people typically lose focus around then. In terms of tracking my assignments, I take a good ole' flip or two through my syllabus and immediately start writing due dates and assignments in my planner.

What do I do when I'm feeling left out or out of place?

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This is a tough one if I'm being honest, but it's also a pretty common experience for a lot of people, unfortunately. I don't know the context of your situation, but if you're referring to a completely different situation, I would suggest maybe trying to make more of an effort to join in on the conversation or the present activity. I'm a pretty shy person in real life so I experience this situation more than I'd like to admit, and one of my biggest regrets is hesitating to throw my random comments out in the open when it comes to groups. As long as it's something nice, you could actually leave a lasting impression on everyone else involved and they may make it more of a point to try to include you more next time. Another thing you could try is being more observant of the area and people around you for potential conversations or people to start new conversations with. Do you see that person wearing a t-shirt for your favorite band? Go talk to them. I know it's easier said than done, but trust me, I've been there and you most likely won't get very far if you stay in your little corner of the world forever. The reality here is that everyone is lost and trying to find their people just like you are, so do your best to seize the moment (even if it's terrifying) and take the plunge to talk with or hang out with new people, or ask someone you've just met and want to learn more about to hang out with you. You never know

Our cat wakes us up in the middle of the night, so we put him out of the room and close the door, but he meows and scratches the door. That also keeps us awake. What should we do?

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Our furry friends really can make quite the characters sometimes! There could be multiple reasons why your cat may be continuously bugging you during the night (coldness, hunger, loneliness ). There's potential that your cat may also be bothering you at night because they're bored. If you think about it, they spend most of the day with inactivity and don't engage with their humans much because of their sleep schedule, or because their humans are busy with other tasks. To cure this, you could try paying more attention to them during the day when they are awake and try to give them a lot of activity and affection until it's time for you to go to bed. If it's a food situation that causes them to keep waking you up, they could be housing their food like a mad man. I would recommend trying an automatic cat feeder so the food bowl will always have something in it when needed and will regulate his intake. My last thought is coldness. Some cats like to curl up in bed with their humans, but a lot of people don't like that for obvious reasons. If that's you, maybe you could try giving your little friend a nice cozy bed of their own, make some adjustments if they already have one, etc. Depending on how things are, maybe you could also try bringing their bed into your room to combat potential loneliness from his humans.

What's it like to be an only child and go off to college?

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This situation has proven to be pretty interesting for me actually. I've been an only child for my whole life up until recently and aside from my friends, my parents were always the people I turned to without hesitation. We would do activities together like best friends, and take so much pleasure in teasing each other without shame. As an only child, I was used to having my own routine and spaces. I was in bed by a certain time, my room was spotless by choice, I constantly bothered my parents when I was having a dumb moment and couldn't figure out how something worked, etc. When college started up, most of that changed right away for me and I honestly wasn't ready for any of it. Since I started sharing a room, I've had to reorganize my entire routine and lifestyle since the space wasn't just mine anymore. I felt both comfortable and lost at the same time and missed being with my family for dinner every night listening to the random conversations we somehow end up having. I was constantly told at the beginning of the year to let go of your parents a little bit because this is all about independence, but as an ironic introvert that's afraid of being alone and a homebody, I still talk to my parents once a day and visit them on most weekends. At this rate, what I'm "supposed" to do for independence doesn't matter to me at all because I'm happy with what I'm doing.

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