10 Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know
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10 Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know

With 21 years of life under my belt, I have learned a couple things that I want to share with my future daughter.

10 Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know
Kristin Torres

To my future daughter,

I think about you often. I picture you strong, beautiful and having an overall passion for life in your eyes. I see you being radiant, fashionable and having an amazing ability to be thoughtful and kind to every living being on this planet no matter their species, race or gender. I think about my relationship with my own mother and aspire for a similar friendship and relationship that we share. I may only 21-years-old writing this, but I definitely have learned a couple things these past years of life. I will be sure to add to this the more I learn before having you.

1. Be nice to others, your glow will be contiguous.


Being the "mean girl" is never cool. Never follow the "cool crowd" if you feel like what they are doing is wrong. Be friends with everyone. Sit with the kid at lunch that is by themselves. Compliment others, no matter if they're a stranger or a friend. Doing this will give you an unexplainable glow. People will notice. Karma is a very real thing. Kindness is contagious. I promise you.

2. Keep your body healthy but don’t let beauty standards make you overthink it.


I want you to care about your health for yourself and not for anyone else. Keeping your body fueled with the proper nutrients feels good. But, with that being said, please eat that dessert when offered and you better eat as many gelatos as you want if you are in Italy. Don't ever become overwhelmed with the idea of being thin because that is what you see portrayed on media. Life it too short to care too much. Find balance between enjoyment and health—it is possible.

3. Travel as much as possible.


Spend the money, see the world. It is good for your soul and makes you a more well-rounded person to communicate with. I once had a wise man approach me while I was sick to my stomach, claustrophobic, and overall miserable on a plane tell me, "Never let a flight stop you from seeing the world". So, when a last-minute middle seat is open all the way to Australia, do it. Never say no. Be a "YES" person.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up.


You have a voice, use it. When you see something going wrong or someone being hurt, please tell someone. Don't be fearful to tell someone how it is or defend yourself because of their age or gender. Be comfortable with confrontation and conflict. Always use your words in a classy and intelligent way. Be a strong and well-spoken woman.

5. Always be slightly overdressed.


There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful. There is also nothing that will make you feel better than having your hair, makeup, and a great outfit on. It will make you feel confident and powerful. Wake up a little earlier and get ready to feel your best. Do this for yourself, not to impress anyone.

6. Never turn down the finer and fun things in life.


Champagne, cheese and chocolate are amazing… eat them! Going out to a fun restaurant on a Friday is fun, so go! Don't ever let yourself get too overwhelmed with studying or work that you lose sight of the things that put a smile on your face.

7. Love yourself, but don’t be self-absorbed.


It is okay to know you are beautiful, smart and worth so much. But don't let that go to your head. Always stay humble and always remain kind.

8. Let the mean boys go, know you can live without them.


Boys suck sometimes. It is the truth. You will get hurt, and I'm sorry for that ahead of time. The minute they start treating you any less than you expected to be treated, let them go. You are strong. You don't need a man to feel worthy. But, please don't be a man hater. There will be some good ones that come along and make it all worth it.

9. Constantly be classier and smarter than necessary.


Hold yourself to a higher standard. I don't care if everyone else is doing something. Always be able to walk home and hold a conversation after a night out.

10. You are more loved than you ever know.


I already love you. I promise I will never stop loving you more than anything else in my life. I promise to keep nothing but a positive, uplifting, and loving environment around you. If you ever feel scared or down, I will always be there for you. I am devoted to being the best mom possible but also your best friend.

Even though it is years away, I can't wait to meet you. I am doing everything in my power over the upcoming years to prepare and create an amazing environment for you to be born into. I am sure this list will be much longer by the time you come around, but one day I will give this to you and teach this to you through example and communication.


Your future Mom

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