To any of you recently committed seniors, first off, congrats!! I know that waiting to hear from whatever school you are dying to go to is the most aggravating time of the year, but for those of you lucky enough to open acceptance letters, you did it. Now that you are going to the college of your dreams, here’s some things to keep in mind as you go through the transition of high school student, to college kid.


You’ve been working for this for SO long. You deserve to celebrate so hard because you are done. No more worrying about applications, retaking the ACT’s, or meeting with college reps. Enjoy every college theme party and make sure someone films you popping your champagne. ;)

Be friendly!

If you’re going to meet-ups, or just texting people, be nice, outgoing and friendly. Even if you are the most-shy person in the world, to strangers it may come off as mean or rude. Make sure to talk to a lot of people and try to leave a good impression.

Do not buy the entire bookstore.

Take it from me, a person who did buy legitimately every pair of socks the book store had to offer. You will never wear that sweatshirt that you think is “sort of cute.” Buy what you genially think you will wear, or else till just take up room in your already miniature dorm space.

Stay open minded and positive.

Just because you met one girl you didn’t click with, does not mean that college will be filled with these kinds of people. Everyone finds their people in college, but you might not meet them before school. Stay open minded and friendly, even once you start school in August.

Enjoy it.

Have fun for the rest of high school. In a few short months you will be saying goodbye to everyone you grew up with, and the people who surrounded you every day. Enjoy your last year with them, you will definitely miss these people when it comes time to say bye at the end of the summer.