Last week I turned 20. Now of course 20 isn't necessarily that major of a milestone. 18 makes an adult and 21 makes you legal. But 20 doesn't change much beyond marking the end of your teenage years.

However, for me 20 felt monumental. It felt like a new beginning at a time where I wasn't really craving one, but I also wasn't totally against it either. This new decade has felt like a clean slate. Except its a clean slate that I worked really, really hard to get to. Every success I achieve, goal I chase, and experience I have this upcoming decade will one way or another have been shaped by what I did in my teenage years. But because I found 20 being such a turning point in my lifetime thus far, I decided to reach out to some of my closest loved ones to hear what they had to say.

I asked for advice that they wanted to share with me as I turned 20 or something that they wished they had known at 20 themselves.

Here are the 16 pieces of advice that I am excited to be carrying into this new decade.

1. Don't overlook life's small joys while searching for the big ones.

2. Always be true to yourself.

3. Never stay stagnant, but always cherish what you already have.

4. Follow your dreams.

5. Know the value of your college education (and take it seriously as you earn it).

6. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.

7. Be gentle with the Earth. 

8. Life is a journey... Enjoy it for the time and moment you are living now.

9. Start young and save money (even a small amount) in some type of IRA account.

10. While pursuing all you want, be sure to appreciate all you have. 

11. Every night when you put your head on your pillow, think of something that you are grateful for.

12. Reach for the stars. 

13. Don't let weeds grow around your dreams.

14. Always say "thank you" - You cannot see it our touch it, but it goes straight to the heart. 

15. Love all of your memories and experiences, while looking forward to new adventures and friendships. 

16. Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.

There is clearly some common themes stemming from all of these pieces of advice that came from unrelated people. Dreaming, cherishing, striving, appreciating, planning, analyzing are all things that coincide with this advice. Of course, some of these ideas tell you to keep moving forward towards your wildest dreams, while others remind you to humble yourself and be grateful.

But that's the beauty of it all.

Entering a new day, year, or even decade can be a daunting moment. But it is with advice like this, but more importantly with the people behind these wise insights that make it all seem much more possible. So no matter how old you are it is never too late to take all or one of these pieces of advice and make your life the one you want to live.