As my freshman year of college is coming to an end, I can't help but reflect from how far I've come since graduation. Or even with that, how far my peers from high school have come since we walked across the stage to receive our diplomas at commencement. Each time I go home, I love hearing about my friend's college experiences thus far.

With that, over the past couple of weeks, I have gone around asking my former classmates of the biggest obstacle they have had to overcome their freshman year. Going from high school to college is a huge adjustment and you never really know what to expect when you get here.

Nobody is going to be fully prepared for college, but it does help getting some actual insight rather than from people who haven't been to college since the 80s.

1. “Everything will work out. No matter what troubles I went through this first year of college, all the stress I was under, I learned that it all worked out in the end."

2. “Before I came to college I have to say I was a bit shy but like college has definitely bought out a different side of me.“

3. "Not everyone is going to like you."

4. “I would say to not be afraid to not take the traditional college approach. Make it work for you and continue to always do what you believe to be best for yourself.”

5. “You definitely need to take breaks in college. sometimes it gets rough and you need to de-stress.”

6. “Also shit happens, papers due at 11:59 and your computer shuts down or you simply cant turn in an assignment you gotta just keep pushing.”

7. “You grow a lot as you get older, but some people don’t grow with you, and that’s okay.”

8. “You will find your place. If you feel like you won’t make any friends, don’t worry! You will finally find a group of people that you will instantly click with. In high school, you’re lumped together with a bunch of people that you are sort of forced to be around throughout the years. In college, you have the opportunity to find your own place and feel a true sense of belonging, forming a tight-knit family. I wouldn’t trade my college family for the world.“

9. “The biggest lesson I learned is to love myself, but that’s corny lol.“

10. “Go to class. Boom best advice there is.”

11. “All the bullshit in high school doesn’t matter in college.”

I didn't care in high school, so why would I even care now?

12. “To even out my schedule a bit more. There are days where I have 4-5 classes and I don’t have time to work, and then there are days where I only have one or two classes and I work 7 hours a day, and I kinda regret my decision since I overworked myself.”

13. “The most important lesson I learned is always ask for help! No matter who it is or what the situation you are having. College is a fun and such bittersweet moment but it’s a major change and it can be very stressful at times. Asking for help for even the slightest problems helped me, because I am now becoming the person I love!"

14. "It's okay to transfer because I was worried about it at first but if it's something you have to do then so be it."

Sure, others might state their opinion just because of the stigma that comes with transferring. Honestly, who really cares what others have to say about what you're doing with your life to get the most out of it? All the matters is that you're doing what makes you the happiest.

15. "Don't feel so pressured to have a set major because, who knows, you might change your mind or find some other field you like."