6 Unforgettable Summer Adventures To Plan With Your Friends
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6 Unforgettable Summer Adventures To Plan With Your Friends

Instead of splurging your cash all over the summer you can set a goal to save a specific amount of money throughout the week and knock off a bucket list item that you always wanted to do.

6 Unforgettable Summer Adventures To Plan With Your Friends
Sasha Belaya

Have you thought about your summer plans? Summer is a few weeks away and some college students have already left to travel back to their hometowns. What is the best way to accomplish bucket list items and where do you start to make sure you have an action full of family and friends this summer? Here is the perfect list for you and your friends to make sure your summer months are full of excitement and adventures moments.

1. Travel Where Your Heart Desires.

All the piggy bank money that you have been saving since you are 1 is the perfect opportunity to splurge on your self to travel the world. If you chose sites similar to Air BNB you are able to save money and travel destinations that you have been dreaming of. Travel to Thailand, Paris, Italy, Bora Bora, California, Japan and so many other cities and countries! Start your bucket list early in life and nail the cultures that you have been wanting to experience since you were little!!

2. Visit Friends/Family.

Not everyone has the luxury of visiting their family and friends whenever they please. One way to fill your summer full of happy moments and exciting adventures it to pack a suitcase and visit your best friends/family. It's always great to catch up with friends and see what is going on in their life and it can motivate you to achieve your own goals just as your best friends are accomplishing.

3. Create a Bucket List.

Instead of splurging your cash all over the summer you can set a goal to save a specific amount of money throughout the week and knock off a bucket list item that you always wanted to do. For example, go bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with dolphins and horseback riding in the mountains. Start by saving $50 dollars a week and by the end of the summer you could have plenty of money for multiple bucket list items!!

4. Sunny Days at the Beach.

Where is the nearest beach to your location? 3, 5, 12 hours away?? Well with the help of house rental sites you are able to achieve an amazing beach weekend with friends and family. Split the costs and pack your bags for a sunny, pina colada-sipping weekend!

5. Wild Amusement Park Weekend.

Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Aquariums, Disney world, Water parks: all of these amusement parks can give an exciting weekend for all ages! A money saving tip is that certain amusement parks in specific locations have deals throughout the summer and the states that you live in can even give you a deal that would give you and your loved ones an amazing treat this summer!

6. Unforgettable Lake Days.

Similar to Amusement parks (and much cheaper) you can plan a log cabin getaway on the lake with family and friends! Rent waterskis, wave runners, boats, floats and much more with a relaxing getaway with friends. Instead of purchasing food and drinks at an Amusement park pack a cooler full of your favorite drinks and food to splurge on with your family! Having a nice picnic on the lake is just as relaxing as enjoying a wild time at an Amusement park!!

The start of your action-packed summer starts by creating a plan and budget. Once you have figured out where and how much it is, it's all fun and games from there! Whether you are hanging out with friends or enjoying time with family your summer is sure to be full of fun with these six adventures this summer!

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