Adventures With A Slider Phone

Adventures With A Slider Phone

What happens when a twenty-year old uses a "dumb phone?"

Early on Memorial Day morning, I tried to charge my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5. However, I couldn’t do so because I then realized a piece of the charging port came loose and broke. After several attempts, I gave up trying to charge and asked for my dad’s help.

This scenario happened once before, in which we had to go online and go over several steps to solve the charging issue. It turned up to be quite small, but my dad warned me about being careful next time.

This time, I wasn’t careful, and he couldn’t fix it. To temporarily remedy this issue, he pulled out the small slide phone from the cabinet and suggested I use that for the week. My mom thought I should borrow her smartphone for a little bit, as she found less use for it than myself, but it was already decided.

For the next week, I had a mid-2000s phone.

Based on the photographs I’ve taken, the last time I used the small phone was during my sophomore year in high school. My parents saw using a smartphone as a privilege; when I used too much data or otherwise abused the phone, I would be relegated to such a phone.

Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad using that type of phone. Recently, I find myself surfing The internet on my smartphone, even in the bathroom, depleting of its battery and the time it needed for me to change. I even neglected brushing my teeth for a little while so that my roommate would knock on the bathroom door and have to use it before I managed to brush my teeth.

Also, other than a camera, I didn’t have any other apps on the phone to worry about, so my battery remained high. When I would come home at the end of the day, the battery would remain substantially high, requiring little charging at the end of the day.

Despite these advantages, along with the ability to recognize my surroundings more, I saw some disadvantages as well.


One thing which irritated me is despite the addition of my SIM card, I didn’t have that many of my contacts on my smartphone transferred onto the other phone. My dad thought of this as the least of my concerns, as I would only have to use my cell phone for emergencies or to contact my mother during the day. But when I wanted to contact my other friends, the only numbers on the phone were those from people we barely interact with anymore.

Another inconvenience is texting. As someone who frequently texts via screen to go back to numbers was a little bit difficult. I switched my phone language to French, which meant autocorrect couldn’t help me when I had to write texts to other people. Therefore, it took me a little bit longer to write them. I also received some multimedia texts which didn’t exactly translate into text.

Finally, one thing I did adjust to is photography. As it is a smaller phone, it can only hold a limited number pictures at a time; not to mention, I couldn’t upload them onto my computer when they were done. But I had a camera, nevertheless.


Ultimately, I got my smartphone back, albeit with a wireless charger instead. On the one hand, I can have my phone again, yet I wouldn’t be able to charge it whenever I liked.

As a child coming of age in 2015, of course, I missed my smartphone, with all its whistles and bells and high-speed everything. Yet at the end of the day, there are some things I appreciate with the slider phone I’ve had for a few days.

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Technology -- we all love it and we all use it, but how is it affecting us?

In this day and age, it is near impossible to do anything without the use of technology. You can pay your bills, manage your bank accounts and even chat with a customer service representative all with the use of your smartphone.

Is the use of technology starting to take away from our person-to-person interaction? Think about how often you grab your smartphone or tablet and text your friends instead of picking up the phone to call them or, better yet, making plans to hang out in person.

Technology is supposed to make us feel more connected by allowing us to stay in touch with our friends by using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter and of course, texting. But are our smartphones getting in the way of socializing? Does technology make us feel more alone?

There is a term that is commonly used, "FOMO" –– short for "fear of missing out." Yes, this is a real thing. If for some crazy reason you don't check your Twitter or Facebook news feed every 10 minutes are you really missing out?

The fact that we have become so dependent on knowing exactly what is going on in other people's lives is sad. We should be focusing on our own lives and our own interactions and relationships with people.

Technology is making us more alone because instead of interacting with our friends in person, we are dependent on using our phones or tablets. We start to compare ourselves and our lives to others because of how many likes we get on our Instagram photos.

We are forgetting how to use our basic communication skills because we aren't interacting with each other, anymore. We are too busy with our noses in our phones. Young kids are dependent on a tablet to keep them entertained rather than playing with toys. That is not how I want my children to grow up.

As a society, we will start to become very lonely people if we don't start making changes. We are ruining personal relationships because of the addiction to our smartphones and checking our social media sites every five minutes.

It's time for us to own our mistakes and start to change. Next time you reach for your phone, stop yourself. When you are with your friends, ignore your phone and enjoy the company of your loved ones around you.

Technology is a great thing, but it is also going to be the thing that tears us apart as a society if we don't make changes on how dependent we are on it.

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Before You Upgrade Your Phone, Think About Whether You Need To Spend That Kind Of Money

What matters the most for everybody is that his or her cell phone can still be used no matter how old and what type of cell phone it is.


Everyone loves to upgrade their cell phones. First, you have the iPhone 8 and now, you want the iPhone X. The same thing goes for you have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you want to change it into the Samsung Galaxy S9. Whoa, whoa! First things to consider: Does your cellphone still function like a new phone? Does your cellphone have cracks on the touchscreen? Is your cell phone fast? Do you have a space storage problem on your phone? Well, if your answers are positive, then why upgrade it? Look at me! I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 for four years. Does four years sound like a strong number to maintain your current cell phone? To me, that is a strong amount. Even though my cell phone looks old, it still functions like a new cell phone does.

I have had my phone since 2014. I chose the Samsung Galaxy S5 because my eldest sister advised me to get it. She was right about it because the Samsung Galaxy S5 was very decorative. I was fascinated by it so much that I wanted to buy it very badly. Touching it was like embracing the dark side. I took care of this great power within four years by protecting it with a wallet cell phone case. I made sure that I kept it inside of a safe bag and keep it in my hands without dropping it. Unlike most people in the world, I do not go on my cell phone very much.

I have busy ties with my home, academics, outside world, and hobbies. Whenever I see cracked cellphones, I feel very disgusted by it. The cracks are like scars that ruin the beauty of these innovations. Despite the fact that I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 for four years, I still do not want to purposefully break my phone to force myself to get a new one. I want the Samsung Galaxy S5 to last as much as it can.

The good part about not upgrading my cell phone is saving money. Upgrading a phone is very expensive. I do not want my parents to pay money over something that I can still use. I do not like the idea of wasting things like paper and time. I would upgrade my phone until the right time comes when it starts to function incorrectly by becoming slower. If I accidentally break the screen, then I have to replace my cell phone for a better screen. As for space storage problems, I can put my pictures in a flash drive for safety. My mother suggested that idea for me whenever the phone tells me to clean the storage so that I do not have to buy a replacement.

I understand that Christmas is a good time to upgrade cellphones and that people have their own reasons behind it. As for me, I believe that keeping the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the right decision. What matters the most for everybody is that his or her cell phone can still be used no matter how old and what type of cell phone it is.

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