I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this, but I LOVE CATS. I think they’re adorable to look at, soft to pet, and a joy to be around because of how stinkin’ weird they can be. So, two weeks ago, when my boss asked me if I could watch her daughter’s kitten while they took a quick family vacation, I was thrilled! I was extra excited because I wasn’t just going to pop by her house and hang out with the kitten a few times a day; this cutie-patootie was going to live with me, at my apartment, for five days. This article is a chronicle of my adventures in kitten-sitting.

Day 1 (Saturday August 6): The sweet baby kitty arrived at the apartment! My boyfriend Troy was over and he and I had been watching a movie, but after the kitten, Jasmine, was dropped off, we had a hard time paying attention to the screen. She must’ve been worn out from travelling, because she curled right up next to us. She wasn’t scared a bit and warmed up to us immediately! Later on I said goodbye to Troy, walked back into the living room, and discovered her POOPING ON THE CARPET. Now the nerves of watching somebody else’s animal set in. What if this was a persistent issue? Would my house be forever tainted with the smell of cat pee? Would I wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and step in doo-doo? I of course cleaned up the mess and set about acclimating Ms. Poop to the new place where her litter box was. Thankfully, the first incident was also the last! With a new understanding of where her designated potty area was, she hopped into bed with me and slept curled against my side all night.

Day 2: I ended up going on an adventure to Cleveland with my family, so they also got to meet the kitten when they picked me up! Afterward I got used to keeping tabs on Jasmine’s litter box and food and water bowls. I also found toys for her to play with (a string, a milk ring, and a nerf dart)! We played a lot to wear down her kitten-y energy and when she was thoroughly played-out, she would usually collapse next to me or on me. I discovered just how cuddly she was. It was phenomenal.

Day 3: This was a Monday, so I had to go to work and keep Jasmine in my room while I was gone (unless my roommates wanted to let her out to play). When I was on my lunch break I found her lounging on my bed, but she quickly hopped up and greeted me with happy little meows. I gave her so many pets. Then, just after I’d gone back to work, I found out that she actually caught a mouse in the apartment! I was psyched, because I’d been hearing something scratching around in our downstairs closet and was about to go buy a trap for it, but now I could save my money! I was a very proud parent and she was pretty worn out and cuddly for the rest of the night.

Day 4: She was pretty hyper on this day. I played and played and played with her but she just wasn’t stopping! Later on in the day she became the stereotypical “cat that doesn’t let you use your computer”. First she hopped on my lap in the space left by my laptop. Then she gradually moved her paws onto the keys and batted at my fingers. Then she discovered the cursor on the screen and had to walk right over to investigate, pressing ALL OF THE KEYS. Then I closed the laptop and she sat on top of it. I decided to be done for the night

Day 5 (Wednesday August 10): This was my last day with Jasmine. I played with her a lot and let her sit next to me as much as possible so that I could pet her. That evening, my boss’s daughter came to pick her up and I had to say goodbye. I got REALLY choked up when they left, but I managed to hold back the tears. I’d gotten so attached in just a few days! I learned a lot about being a pet owner, though. It requires a ton of attention, especially if it’s a baby animal, and there’s lots of things to think about buying for them (even though I didn’t have to worry about that part). I also learned that I’m definitely going to have a cat someday (and probably also a dog, because dogs rock too). I can only hope that I find one as sweet as Jasmine!