Advantages & Disadvantages of Keyboard Shortcuts

Advantages & Disadvantages of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

When computers were not that much common, several computer applications weren’t available- one being the Keyboard. At the time computers were first invented, operators usually used punching cards as typing machine, slowly & slowly, time to time new technologies invented. Some operators now were unknown about Keyboard. Operators now depend more on mouse for doing all computer’s activity.

Computer operators now shine with smiles because several keyboard shortcuts are available which make their work easy and smooth. Input data to computer became very easy and faster with these keyboard shortcuts.

Now comes straight to the point: What are these Shortcuts?

Shortcut keys somewhat refers to giving instructions to the computer or to give a command through keyboard. Certain number of keys are available to pass info to the computer instead of mouse. Computer operator finds this shortcut keys option more suitable because it is easier than dragging a mouse.

This method is one of fastest and easiest to send input to the computer. Many users find it difficult to operate the keys shortcuts because they are doing it first time or they are not master in performing. Once you are able to master, you can do any big data entry work or any other in quick minutes.

As technology is improving day by day, new updates held, several more things are coming out in near future. Users also create their own set of keyboard shortcuts like in some operating systems, such as mac. They are able to create their own mac keyboard shortcuts keys set, however the user can’t create keyboard shortcuts for general purpose.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

These are varies different for apps or for programs that you are running on your computer. Once you are able to master handling these shortcuts, windows operating system there are some pre-defined shortcuts like:

CTRL + Tab used to swith between dialog box and windows tab.

Escape used for cancel.

Home/ Windows is use to start from the starting.

End used to end or break the line.

As I said once you get master, you can use these above in all applications.

Some of the shortcuts used for Webpages/Browsers like:

There are enormous shortcuts are available for Google Engine which are listed below.

Left Arrow – Used to move a character/word left

Right Arrow - Used to move a character/word right

Down Key – Used to go below of any page

End – Used to end or break the line as I mentioned above.

Also available some shortcuts while selecting any text or paragraph like if you want to select any word just click double and triple click to select whole paragraph.

Advantages of Using Shortcuts:-

By Using Keyboard instead of mouse saves a lot of time, It helps to type faster and accurate. Instead of moving mouse from one place to another, just use single keyboard shortcut. It saves lot of time inturn saves cost and output is better from this.

Disadvantages of Using Shortcuts:-

As I mentioned above these shortcuts varies from different programs to different applications. You have to pro and learn different shortcuts for different applications or programs. That’s why some users still stick to mouse.

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Dear Older Generations, Millennials Are Smarter Than You Think

Don't worry about me not knowing how to sew a button on a shirt because I can learn that from the Internet.

There has always been a large divide between people of older generations versus people that were born after them. Not only is there a different perspective that each generation has, but there is a certain amount of variety in attitude and opinion about certain things. One thing that the older generations always like to butt heads with the younger generations about is the idea that we don't know anything about life.

This idea is one that is often seen in arguments online with a preface saying, "This is what's wrong with this generation!" Usually, that statement either has several exclamation points or is miserably spaced out for some reason. I think we can all agree that sometimes the older generation has some issues with technology. Almost like us younger folk sometimes have some issues with sewing or baking a cake.

There will definitely be many differences between the younger and older generations, but the complaint that so many young people don't know how to do anything anymore because they are so obsessed with their technology is one that really makes me angry. Sure, we may not have been raised in the mindset of us having to continually do things on our own and we were raised in an environment that is a lot more cushy than our predecessors.

However, one huge difference is the fact that a lot of us were given technology to entertain ourselves with while our parents did all the work. They didn't want us to be messing around in the kitchen while they were cooking dinner. They didn't want us to be in their way while they were fixing the car or cleaning the garage. They didn't want us to wash the dishes wrong, because then they would have to take the time that they were home relaxing to do more work. They didn't have time to teach us to do anything because they were so busy, so we, as children and young adults, were more than happy to just sit in front of the TV and stare at our phone aimlessly.

Though, I will say, I am not just wasting time every single moment I am on my phone. Most of the time, I am actually doing something important, whether it be contacting someone because of my jobs, setting up plans with people, or just having a nice conversation. Also, one other thing that is great about phones is that it has access to the Internet, which is the world's repository of information. We always have that at our fingertips, which is not just used for mindless scrolling through social media, but actually using it to learn stuff.

I, for one, know a lot of my friends watch short recipe videos on Facebook. I watch them and then save them, so that I can look at them later when I want to cook (which I will admit is still a rarity). Now I can go back and know exactly how to use that one recipe, and I dont have to remember it right off the top of my head. I can simply look through my saved videos, find it, and then use it in the moment.

I hear all the time from the older generation that the younger generation doesn't know how to do anything, and we rely on technology too much. I don't know why relying on technology is bad when it comes to using it as a source of information. I may not know how to sew right now, but I can look up an article or two on "WikiHow" to read about it and eventually learn how to do it. Whenever you don't know something, that is always at your fingertips and you can always have it there for you. You don't just need to remember a bunch of recipes for that dinner party you have next Tuesday. You can look up on Google what recipes would be suitable for a swanky dinner party and bam, you are set.

There are so many pros to using the Internet as a source of information and learning, but a lot of the older generation just see any person that looks like they were born in the 90s or later as an idiot who stares at a phone all day. I think that is a really ignorant idea that doesn't truly encompass all that the Internet can be used for. There are so many ways that someone can use the Internet to their advantage that is not just Facebook and Instagram. It can also be reading the news online, learning about the economy, and teaching oneself how to tie different knots. There are so many examples of how the Internet is useful, not just to the younger generation but to everyone.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Alexa Is The New Smart House And It's More Unsettling Than You Think

Try not to become too reliant on an Alexa or Pat.

The Amazon Echo Dot, more formally known as Alexa, has been all the recent rage. It picks up on your voice when you call its name and tries to respond with an appropriate response. That might be putting music on or simply answering a trivia question. My family has recently purchased one, and there have been certain points where I feel like I’m living in the movie Smart House.

Smart House was a Disney Channel original movie about the Cooper family who wins a contest and moves into a futuristic house. The computer running the house, named Pat, takes care of everything including the cooking and cleaning.

However, soon Pat’s maternal instincts take over and she transforms into a real woman because she loves the family so much. She then ends up trapping the family in their own house because she believes the outside world is too dangerous. In the end, she gets transformed back into the computer after she is shown that she could never be the human mother the children need.

Now I’m not saying Alexa is going to turn into a motherly figure and try to smother my family with love, but there have been certain points where it feels almost unsettling having a computer listening to every conversation you have. I have even unplugged her from the wall because it’s gotten creepy.

It’s just the thought that she is listening to your every conversation and then selling information about you to different companies. It’s like the feeling you get when an add for a book you have just googled has popped up on your Facebook page.

Although Alexa doesn’t respond back to you unless you directly talk to her, her presence is always known. She even responds when a character on TV says her name. Her programming is intelligent, and I have gotten used to the way she “thinks” and know how to get the response I want out of her.

It’s just the thought a movie I had watched as a child is now becoming a reality in most homes around the world. Alexa can even be programmed to turn on the TV or the lights in your house. We are all one step closer to having our own “Pat” taking over our lives.

And while I enjoy certain aspects of Alexa such as asking her what the weather is or what was the news of the day it still makes me wonder if we rely too much on our technology. We have all become too trusting like the Cooper family and have our technology try to take over our lives.

Whatever the capacity, try not to become too reliant on an Alexa or Pat. It’s also good for them if they’re unplugged every once in a while.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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