We’ve all seen the coffee mugs and t-shirts that say something along the lines of “I can’t 'adult' today." Every time I see one of these items my blood pressure rises. I see them around more than I’d like to -- mostly around my college campus. I think to myself, “Are you really 'adulting,' though?”

I get that a lot of people go to school, have jobs and pay rent. There are still a lot of people, however, that are going to school on their parent's dime. This means that they don’t have nearly any of the obligations that make someone a real-life adult. It means that they aren't dealing with bills, mortgages and other large expenses and responsibilities that come with being a grown-up. I commend those few highly responsible students who are footing their own expenses and holding their own for their ability to get sh*t done. Keep killing the game. But for the rest of you: stop complaining about completing everyday college student tasks. Cleaning your room isn't really that hard, believe me.

This is the main reason the phrase “adulting” makes me cringe -- because it's often being used inappropriately. I see Facebook statuses all the time that feature self-praise for cleaning all day or getting their homework done. These people talk about how much “adulting” they've accomplished by performing those simple tasks. Okay, sure -- you might have had a lot of homework. Maybe your roommate left you with a full week's worth of dishes to do, which is totally not cool, but it’s not that big of a deal. No self-respecting grown-up is going to go around congratulating themselves via social media for their ability to load the dishwasher, get their work done and do laundry in the same day. Those are normal tasks and shouldn't have a special label (“adulting”). Here’s my main point: if you’re still just chilling on your parent's income, don’t complain. You might be struggling with other things, but don't drag that into the same category of “adulting." There will be other times to stress, but that will come later when you're dealing with real adult issues. Until then, please take the “adulting” verb out of your vocabulary and limit the Facebook posts praising your ability to multitask simple things.