Why Adopting A Bunny In College Was The Best Decision

Adopting A Bunny In College Is The Best Decision I've Ever Made

While my parents weren't thrilled, adding this adorable two pound addition to my family was just what the doctor ordered.

Samantha Ziganto

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household where animals were always welcome. We had dogs, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and even frogs. Don't get me wrong, I loved every pet I've ever had with my whole heart and was a mess whenever one passed away.

This story begins about 2.5 years ago when I was going into my senior year of high school. At this point, we had put down my first dog 6 years prior to adopting my current dog, Dexter. My mom did NOT want a big dog. She wanted a small, fluffy girl, but of course, she has 2 kids who wanted a big dog. So she compromised and got us a big dog, we rescued him when he was a year and a half. Dexter is the best dog we could've ever asked for, the sweetest, smartest, genuine dog you'll ever meet.

While I was so happy with the fact that we had finally decided to adopt a dog after so many years of not having one, there was always one pet I always wanted, a bunny. I know, so cliché and not cool at all.

I went off to college and of course, I had separation anxiety whenever I left my dog. I call my mom at least twice a day so I can see him over FaceTime. I am so extra. BUT, there was still that voice in the back of my head telling me to just adopt a bunny. I was 18 and my parents are the type of people to be mad at first, but be completely fine a couple days later.

I waited all of my freshman years to really start researching bunnies and what kind I wanted. I knew that I really, really wanted one. I researched all summer for breeders with a certain type of bunny I wanted. So my sophomore year started, I knew I shouldn't adopt any kind of animal just yet because I was living in the sorority house where that wasn't allowed.

So me being me, I adopted a bunny at school anyway. Even with all the cons, I still did it. I had finally found a breeder that had the breed I wanted, which is a Holland loop, (look them up I promise you won't be disappointed.) The breeder was about an hour outside of Normal so I brought one of my friends with me and adopted my sweet angel, Lucy.

At the time I got her she was 3 months old and just the cutest thing ever (still is), I kept her at my friend's apartment for a week and then took her home to meet the family. Of course, I didn't tell my parents I had adopted a bunny and that they would have to be partially responsible for her when I wasn't around. Naturally, they were upset at first but grew to absolutely love her because let's be honest how could you not love that face.

Not only did my parents and brother fall in love with her, so did my dog. I was on edge about her being around him constantly because all he does is chase bunnies in our backyard and I was afraid he would try and get to her.

I could not have been more wrong. Dexter was so excited to meet her I couldn't believe it. I held her up to his face and he just sat and looked back at her. Eventually, she was able to run around my room with him there and he would just watch her.

I have had her for 3 months now and we have a pretty solid routine. I open Lucy's cage right when I wake up so I can feed her. Dexter, who is already in my room waiting for me to wake up, sits in front of her cage and waits for me to open the door. Once I do, he sticks his face in her cage and waits for her to come to greet him.

As I said, I have been very fortunate to grow up with so many pets in my lifetime, but these two have become best friends and made being a pet owner that much more amazing.

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