5 Ways To Adjust After Spring Break Fries Your Brain

Post-spring break doesn't only bring a nasty, peeling sunburn. Not many people are prepared for the realities of class, work, and studying after spending all week lounging at the beach or in bed. Here are five ways to ensure that you don't succumb to the repercussions of the notorious phenomenon of spring break brain-frying.

1.  Actually go to class

Fortunately, my professor cancelled my first and only class of the day the Monday following spring break. Fresh off the plane from Delray Beach, Florida, this news was exactly what I thought I needed to further procrastinate getting back into the swing of things. Lying in bed all morning was relaxing and fun—until it wasn't. I felt bored out of my mind and my relaxation quickly turned into sluggishness, which drove me to lie in bed even longer. By ten p.m., I realized the amount of homework I actually had to do and was doomed for the rest of the night. Moral of the story- don't get caught up in post-vacation blues and just get up and go to class. It will get you into your routine much quicker than if you were to skip class.

2. Go to bed early (or at a slightly reasonable hour)

Whether you slept in your own bed all week with your dog curled up next to you or you were out until four a.m. clubbing in Miami Beach, sleep is essential to adjusting to a new schedule. It can be hard not to stay up in college when everyone else is in your hall is just starting their nights, but going to bed at a reasonable hour, at least for the first few days back, will motivate you to actually get out of bed the next morning and get your stuff done early.

3. Avoid sweatpants

With your newly tanned (or possibly peeling) skin, the last thing you should be wearing on Monday is a pair of old sweatpants! I know dressing down is a tempting thought, but if you try putting on a real outfit the first few days back, you'll look and feel like a whole new person (and not only from the new layer of skin that has revealed itself from your terrible spring break sunburn)!

4. Maybe eat a salad

I fell victim to the frequent consumption of hamburgers and French fries during spring break. Hey, it's vacation! Or at least that's what I told myself everyday as I took another bite of a giant, greasy burger oozing with ketchup after spending the whole day finishing an entire bag of Tostitos on the beach. My diet is now (unfortunately) off of vacation mode, and yours should be as well. This is not to say you shouldn't treat yourself; instead remember that eating excessive mozzarella sticks and Philly cheesesteaks for lunch will only make you feel horrible when you have to get up for your eight-thirty classes or spend all night writing a five-to-seven-page essay. For those tasks, eating something a little healthy will do the trick.

5. Call home

This is a reminder to always call home. Even if you didn't go on vacation for spring break and you were with your parents or siblings or high school friends all week, still make sure to check up on them and ask how they're doing. They most definitely want to hear how you're doing as well and are going to want to make sure you're remembering to utilize tips one through four in this article. And if you did go away for spring break, call home and tell your mom or dad or sister or FaceTime your chihuahua at home and tell her about it.

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