Don't we all remember back in elementary every one was nice to each other? All you had to say was Hi and you automatically had friends. Back in elementary at least at my school we had a Random Act of Kindness board. Every time you did something nice and someone noticed they would put your name up. As a little kid you would always try to have your name on that board.

However growing up and becoming a teenager there wasn't that random act of kindness board. Social groups or "cliques" started to form. You had to act a certain way or dress a certain way to fit in.

Or even do things just to fit in. Was it really worth it? Changing yourself just to fit in? Is fitting in really important? Well to me fitting in with the crowd was never my thing. I never changed who I was, my mentality , my views and my self just to fit in. So you guessed! You thought I was that lonely girl sitting in the corner and stayed reserved?

Well your wrong! I did make friends and those friends were the people who I could be myself with and really enjoy any time I spent with them. However I never stopped those random acts of kindness. Often times were just so busy with our own problems and things were going through that we don't have time to do acts of kindness.

Hardly do I ever see anyone going out of their way for people. In this generation we don't care about each others problems we just care about fitting in and acting superior. This ideology needs to stop because staying reserved and not doing anything nice for yourself or people is really not what life is about.

A random act of kindness can take you a long way. Having a kind heart and being optimistic can take you a long way. Also you shouldn't do nice things just for a show or just to take a picture of it and post it on snapchat.

Posting the random acts of kindness you perform doesn't do anything but it takes the value away from the action and it makes it look like you only did it for attention. Doing acts just for attention really shows that you never had the kind intention. Showing people on social media what you did is really vacuous.

When you do something from the heart in means to make someone happy than theirs a lot of value in that action. Making someone happy within itself holds a lot of value. You never know what a little act of kindness can take you. Doing one little nice thing for someone can really open opportunities.

Now you shouldn't just go around doing random acts of kindness for the advantages of it you should do it because it holds value in your heart. Some little things you can start doing is first by forgiving everyone who did wrong to you. Forgiveness is hard but trying to do nice things for people does require a kind and clean heart.

Let go of what happened in the past. Forgive those who had the intention to hurt you. Second thing is to come up with a list of people who you are close to or know. Third start by thinking about everything that individual did for you. Of course for some people in the list such as parents, you cant ever pay them back for everything they did for you.

Start by coming up with a list of random acts of kindness that you can perform every now and then. Such as buying roses for your mom or buying the groceries for the house. It could be little things or big things but remember it always needs to come from the heart with the intention to make someone's day!