'No Pain, No Gain' Is Every Acrylic Nail-Lover's Mantra As They Experience These 12 Things

'No Pain, No Gain' Is Every Acrylic Nail-Lover's Mantra As They Experience These 12 Things

Yes they're a pain, but I wouldn't trade these back-scratching, hot-food-picker-upping tools for anything.

As an avid acrylic nail lover, I have been through it all. I can't even remember a time when I didn't have my nails on or what my natural nails even look like. But what I do know is that I can't live without acrylics. If you're like me or maybe just decided to give them a try for prom or some other special event, then you'll understand these ten struggles of acrylic nails.

1. Typing an essay on a computer sounds like tap dancers gone wild.

Everybody hates you. I'm even thinking of getting one of those silicone keyboard covers... maybe it'll act as a silencer.

2. Dropped some coins on the ground? Dropped your credit card or ID card on the ground?

Yeah, they live there now.

3. Trying to clasp a necklace or button up your clothes?

I can't even look at these. I wonder if Edward Scissorhands wore jeans.

4. Putting on lotion or eating food with your hands is really a two-step process.

Bar soap? Lotion or liquid makeup? Pizza? Finger food?

5. Writing anything that's longer than a sentence is impossible.

I had to write an in-class essay for a two hour final and I came out of it with those painful red dents in my palm like I was Betty on Riverdale.

6. Breaking just one is literally a nightmare and then you just don't know what to do with your life anymore.

Might as well just get a whole new set now.

7. But nothing is worse than accidentally getting a nail stuck in something and bending it back a little too far.

Like putting on Vans shoes, the kind where your finger gets stuck trying to put them on. Then trying to force your heel down there and pull your finger out at the same time a little too fast and it just pulls the acrylic and your real nail up and away from your finger... yeah, ouch.

8. It's a real investment.

Once I was at a nail salon in the heart of Beverly Hills and saw "Acrylics Nails Full Set... $80" and turned right back outta there.

9. Always being asked questions about your nails.

"Are those your real nails?" "How do you type with those things?" "How do you do anything with those nails?"

10. Putting in contacts feels like disarming a bomb.

Can't make any wrong moves or else you risk poking your eye out.

11. "I can't because of my nails."

Yes, that's sad, don't you think I know that? I've tried going rock wall climbing, I really have. It's HARD.

12. And finally, all of the times you've accidentally scratched yourself a little too hard.

It's a rough life.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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7. Psalm 18:33 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights."

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I Donated My Hair When People Said I Shouldn't, And I'm So Happy I Did

I could have let my late-onset doubts stop me from going through with it but I'm glad I didn't give myself a chance to mull things over.


A few years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school, I decided I wanted shorter hair. I always hated taking care of my hair and didn't put much effort into it on a day-to-day basis. Since I already wore it up in a ponytail every day, chopping it to a shorter length seemed like a logical conclusion. When I cut it off, I actually felt like taking care of my curls was something I would be up for and I kept it relatively short and well-managed for the rest of high school.

For about a year and a half, I've let my hair grow out a lot more, not even realizing that it had passed the point of "short hair" and was definitely longer than I was perceiving it to be. I decided earlier this year that I was getting sick of my long hair again and wanted to donate my hair as opposed to just getting rid of it. I knew how to take care of it much better than I did when I was 14 so I figured I could give my healthy hair a second chance at life with someone who really appreciated it.

When I told people about my plans, I got a lot of mixed reactions. Everyone thought it was wonderful that I was donating it, but some people couldn't see why I had to donate all of it. I got comments like, "Why don't you grow it out some more and then cut some off?" or "You could probably just cut off the right length and leave the rest."

I also received comments about how beautiful my hair was: "Why do you want to cut it off? It looks great on you." Most of my peers who I mentioned it too were very supportive of how I was going to look after, but some of my family members contemplated whether or not I could pull it off.

I had already made up my mind about cutting off my hair but I did consider the commentary from my friends and family. I never really felt like I needed hair as long as it was so I didn't think I could grow it out more before cutting it. And because I thought my hair was healthy enough to be donated and a different texture than I have usually seen on hair donation posts, donating my hair will hopefully help someone who would have naturally curly hair sport something that they felt comfortable in. And even though I did love my hair and did enjoy having it out, the majority of the time, I enjoyed it out of my face. Someone else will probably look forward to having so much hair.

But even as I was adamant about going through with this cut, the day I went in for my haircut, I started feeling some anxiety about getting it cut. Would it look terrible or weird or crazy or just plain wrong? I was mulling these thoughts over even as I sat in the salon chair but just 15 minutes after I arrived, my hair was already cut off. And 20 minutes after that, I had about three-eighths of an inch of hair on my head. And I was ecstatic.

I had been worried about what other people thought about my hair but still had the urge to follow my gut instinct and go through with the cut. I could have let my late-onset doubts stop me from going through with it but I'm glad I didn't give myself a chance to mull things over. And even if anyone else doesn't like my haircut, I think I look pretty adorable with it. But it is nice to hair from my friends and family that I pull it off well. Also, I apparently have a nice-shaped head.

If you're considering cutting all your hair off or even just some of it, listen to the advice from those around you but don't let that advice completely deter you from making the change. If you think you look cute, I'm telling you now: You look cute. And if you're thinking of donating hair, there are definitely organizations that best fit your preference. I donated to Children With Hair Loss but you can find other organizations to donate to here.

Cover Image Credit:

Caroline Payne

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