To The Best Friend I Met Completely By Accident

To The Best Friend I Met Completely By Accident

For the boy I didn't mean to meet, but am very happy I did.

I met Hunter Johnson when he joined the Eastern Odyssey team, and we didn't really talk all that much. But then, suddenly, I was working in a thoroughly understaffed ice cream shop, and he was looking for a paycheck.

I never really knew how amazing my life would become once I gave that afro-headed weirdo his application to Baskin Robbins, but oh boy did it get crazy.

So, Hunter, this is your article. Now shut up and stop asking me for it. (But like, please don't shut up because you're an idiot and I love you). So where to even begin...this is a boy of many wonders.

Hunter, my life has never been more filled with memes and self-depreciating humor than this past year. And that's all your fault. But ya know, it's been pretty lit.

So thank you for the many horrible shifts at Baskins, with our horrible screech singing and literal dying. Anda thank you for being completely hopeless without me there. (Side note: Please stop flooding sinks because I go to the bathroom). I never had a single dull shift when you were around because dull can't exist with such an incredible person in the room.

You're the only person I have a Snapchat streak with, and you understand the need to be extra at literally everything you do. There's no one else I'd rather spend $85 on food with, and then eat like half of it in one shift because we're #shameless bro.

You're there to listen to me bitch about everyone, and I'm there when you're on the verge of dropping out for the eight millionth time that day.

Even though you're from the armpit state (Shout out to Ohio), I like you anyways. Or at least I like you sometimes. Thank you for joining the Odyssey, so I have someone to procrastinate with on articles, and someone to coauthor stories with when it's the holiday season and we cannot come up with pieces on our own.

You've been a part of my life for such a short amount of time, and I can't fathom what I would do without your sarcastic Snapchats anymore. So thank you for being my best friend, and I am really going to miss you when you leave me for the summer to return to Sadsville (aka anywhere I am not).

But just know the second you get back in Michigan, I will have a page full of Ohio-based jokes and a bottle of something fun for you! And ya' know, some fun work-related stories about creepy men hitting on me or something, to remind you why we hate everyone.

All I ask in return is a job at whatever hotel you wind up owning because let's face it, you will never really enjoy any job as much as you enjoyed working with me!

With Love,

Your Favorite Coworker

P.S. Please continue to not screenshot the horrible selfies I send you for the sake of saving the streak. Thank you.

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Jernigan

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The City Life Isn't For Everyone, But It's Just Right For Me

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My norm was taking four flights of steps to get to my apartment with ten bags of groceries in hand, it was walking everywhere, it was city schools that barely take up a compact city block. Though many would find this stressful or not picture perfect, I found it a comfort zone where I can never find myself not living.

Growing up in the city, I have seen and mostly, heard it all. A majority of America would turn their heads at the thought of what I consider, comfortable.

My comfort sounds aren't the crickets and the looming silence of the swishing trees. My comfort is the beeping horns, the chatter of people off the street, and the roaring sirens of the fire engines and cop cars. It's what makes me feel at home.

Growing up in the city, I am accustomed to other cultures and religions. From preschool, it was never just one race, religion or background. My mother taught me the struggles of what others go through on a daily basis.

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