I am a firm believer in the idea that progress is made when we accept and welcome the unknown into our spaces. While we may initially fear what is unfamiliar to us, if we decide to take chances on positive people and opportunities despite the risks that they entail, I believe we are likely to find great rewards.

One essential step that one should take when deciding to embrace the unknown is accepting that the pathway to long-term success requires failures. When we spend too much time in our comfort zone and we let our lives shift into auto-pilot, we give up the power to challenge ourselves to think or act differently and therefore, we surrender a degree of our greatness.

The most confident and creative people are willing to get hurt, to ask tough questions and to roll with the so-called punches that life throws their way. I ask you to consider all of the lessons or growth that you may have experienced from an unexpected challenge in your life or drastic change that you had no control over.

Now, imagine all the growth that could emerge from an intentional and mindful movement into foreign territory.

If we have only the present moment to make the most out of and to appreciate with our deepest gratitude, it seems that entering the unknown or the difficult with a positive attitude has the greatest chance of yielding us the most happiness. If we plunge into the scary goal that we have avoided, put off or kept as a silent dream, we might find that we pleasantly surprise ourselves.

I beg of you not to allow your past pain dictate the pathways of your future. If anything, all that you have endured and experienced, the pain, the pleasure, the excitement and hesitation can inform your movement forward rather than limit your trajectory.

There is time to start doing what you always wished you could do. There is time to forgive yourself and others. There is time to be introspective and to consider why something scares you or why something moves you into action. There is time to make each moment beautiful no matter how much vulnerability or love or failure or pain or connection might scare you.

There is time to demand the life that you deserve if only you make it and are fearless in its pursuit.