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... who care about, trust and learn more from the content they see.

Engage the engaged.

It’s simple. If content resonates with people, they spend more time with it. Put your brand alongside it and they spend more time with you too.

Readers trust Odyssey because articles and videos are created by people like them—with no agenda other than to speak their minds—and shared organically across their friend networks. It’s meaningful to them because it’s relevant to their interests. It enriches them with new, diverse opinions and ideas from around the world.

And lots of them.

Connect to a huge audience of highly-engaged people who trust and influence their peers. Odyssey reaches 22% of all millennials online—in communities all around the world—and is nearly three times as likely to engage them as related sites.

Keep it real.

Build brand credibility—tap into the Odyssey creator community and have them build content for you. Odyssey keeps it real, mining into the community to understand honest sentiment about your brand and working with the right creators to help express your value in an authentic way.

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