The Monopoly on Minds Is Over.

A lot of people have a lot of wisdom to impart to the world, but the status quo of publishing and social media makes it hard for those voices to be heard.

The monopoly on minds is over. Odyssey democratizes content, giving people the opportunity to share what’s most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspectives on topics they care about.

  1. Keep it real.

    Odyssey is about reflecting what people really feel, not selling more media. Contributors write long-form articles and create videos on what matters to them, and share them organically across their own social networks. What you see represents nothing other than authentic ideas that the community deems important.

  2. Make it personal.

    Spend time with content you really care about. Odyssey’s relevance engine shows you content because it’s 1) suggesting you might like it based on your behavior, 2) shared organically across your community, 3) related to another article you’ve read, or 4) simply what you choose to follow.

  3. Get it from all sides.

    Open up to new perspectives and ideas, and enrich your life. More people openly contributing content means more opportunities to discover new, diverse opinions and ideas from thousands of writers in local communities around the world. A 360 degree view.

  4. Balance means quality.

    A million ideas—refined for better reading. Odyssey combines the best of both worlds—the opportunity of fair contribution with the guidance of a team of seasoned editors, not to mention a community of your peers—to deliver more fulfilling content.

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Executive Team

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    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

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    Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

  • Ken Nelson

    Chief Business Strategy Officer

  • Eoin Townsend

    Chief Operating Officer

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    Chief Technology Officer

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    Chief Finanical Officer

  • Lauri Baker

    SVP Sales & Marketing

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