Abortion has been a topic on many social media platforms and news outlets lately. This is because our reproductive rights are being intruded upon once again in the United States.

This started when Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio passed laws restricting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Not only does this take away the choice of someone receiving an abortion, but is medically and scientifically incorrect because at six weeks there is no heart, it is a group of cells that are sending off electrical signals, according to Live Science.

The fact of the matter is not one person on this planet should be making this decision for someone else, just because someone doesn't agree or doesn't like something that doesn't mean they have the right to take that decision away from anyone else when it does not concern nor affect them.

There are many stories and many reasons why women might consider or receive an abortion, whether is health reasons or because they are not ready all of those reasons are valid and should be respected.

Lawmakers of these states, sadly, aren't going against the constitutional ruling of abortions, but they are making it harder to have access, which is there right according to the Tenth Amendment.

But these restrictions will become harmful over time and have horrific consequences for some women.

Another matter I want to address is when these restrictions are being put on women's reproductive rights. Why is a man not being held accountable? As far as I am concerned, 100% of the time a male is involved in some way shape or form. Yet are not having any repercussions.

This shows how it isn't just about abortions it about control over another person and finding a way to keep their control and their rules in place.

But people try to cover it up with saying well many families want to adopt or there are other ways to deal with it.

There are 443,000 children in foster care in the United States according to Children's Rights.

Until that number is significantly lower no more children need to go through what 443,000 children are going through right now by being in foster care.

It is not ethical to do that to another human being when we aren't taking care of the human beings already alive.

And it is unethical to force that on any women struggling with this decision.