"Treat others the way you want to be treated."

This phrase was posted on every corner in my elementary school. It was plastered in the library, above doors, all over the hallways, literally everywhere. So, naturally, I grew up living by this phrase.

I've always treated others with respect. I've always loved and cared for others. I've always tried to stay positive rather than negative.

Sadly, you don't always meet people who have the same thought process as I do though. Not everyone respects others as much as they should. Some people lack manners and kindness.

We all have the ability to be kind and caring, to be a human sunshine.

Of course, how you act is your own decision. If you choose to be that negative Nelly, that is your business. But why choose that lifestyle? What fun comes out of you being rude and hateful towards others?

Why wouldn't you choose positivity? Even if things get rough for awhile, we all have so much to look forward to in our lives, no matter our age. There is always something to be looking forward to. There is always room for more positivity.

Life is just so much easier if you let go of all that negativity. You make more friends and acquaintances. You have better days. You're less stressed. You can make someone else's day with your own sunshine. It's the path to a better life.

So, yes, it is up to you to choose how you live and how you act. However, we all have the ability to be a ray of human sunshine for the world...so why not choose that?