It's that time of year again where students everywhere collectively stress out, sleep the minimal amount, and study until words don't look like words anymore -it's finals week. Here's to all the familiar feelings, especially at Florida State, we all know way too well.

1. A is for "All nighter in Club Strozier."

2. B is for "Book a study room before someone else books it." 

3. C is for "Can Chick-fil-A be open 24/7 this week?"

4. D is for "Dirac needs study rooms, vending machines, and couches."

5. E is for "Everyone is taking their graduation photos around campus." 

6. F is for "Flocks of students who never come to the library."

7. G is for "Good luck finding parking on your test day."

8. H is for "Help me, I am dying inside!"

9. I is for "I left you a brutal course eval." 

10. J is for "Just can't be late today, out of all days." 

11. K is for "Knowing who I am, I'll try to cram everything last minute." 

12. L is for "Landis better have puppies everyday to destress us."

13. M is for "My professor didn't teach this."

14. N is for "Not ready to graduate." 

15. O is for "Offer us extra credit please."

16. P is for "Please do not make the final exam cumulative." 

17. Q is for "Question everything you do not understand."

18. R is for "Regretting going the night out before my final exam."

19. S is for "Starbucks should offer discounts after the second drink."

20. T is for "The testing center is always behind schedule."

21. U is for "Ungodly amount of hours spent studying."

22. V is for "Visit the University Counseling Center for resources on how to combat test anxiety."  

23. W is for "Why is spring semester harder than fall semester?"

24. X is for "eXtend the time for our test, please!" 

25. Y is for "Yawning every five seconds."

26. Z is for "Zero tolerance for anyone being loud in the quiet zone in the library."