Red bricks, the BellTower, hanging out in Talley and finding your community and best friends. From welcome week to exam week, move-in day to graduation, N.C. State become a part of our identity. We support our teams fiercely “like a pack of wolves,” and before you know it you’re throwing up wolfies in every single picture you take like it’s the new peace sign.

N.C State is the best school in North Carolina (I may be a little biased), and I could list a million reasons why. But instead here’s a few of the things that make N.C State, N.C State:

A - Atrium Chick-Fil-A

It's not real Chick-Fil-A but we eat it anyway. It's better than Fountain food I guess.

B- Bricks, bricks, and more bricks

If you've ever been to N.C State then you know. You get used to tripping and slipping on the bricks every day. There's not a building in sight that isn't covered in those same beautiful red bricks (Well except Poe, but we choose to ignore that eyesore of a building). They're definitely an acquired taste but you learn to love them.

C- Cows on the Brickyard

Name a more N.C State thing. The perks of being an Ag. school I guess. Cows, sheep, and pigs on your way to class, you get used to the smell.

D- Dr. Randy Woodson

How can you not love the Chancellor? The man's a legend. Snag a selfie with him outside the BellTower and you're really living your best life.

E- Ending up lost on the buses

So many buses, such a long walk, and so little time. Thank you N.C State. You didn't really experience freshman year if you didn't get extremely lost on the Wolfline and end up completely across Raleigh.

F- Fire drills at one a.m.

A classic N.C State move. Thank goodness I won't be in a dorm again next year I don't think I could handle waking up in the middle of the night again to stand outside in the cold and thinking about my 8:30 class in a few hours.

G- Gameday

Nothing better than a wolfpack gameday. Wolfies up for our favorite teams! Football, basketball, baseball and more, we love our teams no matter what.

H - Hillsborough construction

Don't even get me started. I'm pretty sure they started that dang construction before I was born and they don't appear to be finishing anytime soon.

I - Intermural sports

Wear your Intermural Champions T-shirt with pride. An easy way to earn instant respect from everyone you meet.

J- "Just wait 'till basketball season"

We waited, UNC. (And we still won.)

K- Kicking yourself for not taking advantage of everything the city has to offer

Downtown Raleigh has so many amazing museums, restaurants, parks and events and I know I didn't take advantage of them by any means. Next year you'll definitely catch me in my new favorite city a lot more.

L - LimeBikes

A staple of Raleigh living. I personally hate them (bad experience, funny story), but I appear to be the only one.

N- N.Y. pizza

Because we all get sick of Talley and the Atrium. Try to find a better deal than two huge pieces of pizza and drink all for $8.00. (I personally prefer Freshii next door, but if I weren't vegan I'd be all over that deal.)

O- Omelet bar at Case

Talking to Ms. Debby while she makes you an omelet while listening to the oh-so-classic case dining hall morning playlist. You get the only fresh food you'll eat all day, what a way to start the morning.

P- Parking tickets

Don't you just love paying $10.00 to park in the Coliseum deck for a couple hours? It's better than the parking ticket you're guaranteed if you try to park anywhere else on campus during the week. If there's one thing N.C. State does not have, it's a surplus in parking.

Q- Quiet rooms at the library

If you really want quiet you'd better go alone because we all know it's impossible to sit quietly with all your friends around.

R- Red and White

"We're the red and white from State and we know we are the best!" Do you really go to N.C. State if half your wardrobe isn't red or white? Red suddenly becomes your favorite color.

S- State Fair!!!

What's better than having the state fair in your backyard?? I went three times last year and I do not regret it one bit. Where else can you get giant turkey legs, fried everything, Howling Cow ice cream, rides, animals and more all in one place? Get in touch with your southern side and have some good ole North Carolina fun!

T- Think and Do Baby!

Think and do, think and do. What we here at N.C State do best.

U- Utilize all the services available

N.C State has some of the best resources we don't even know about. There's career advising, resume building, study abroad, mental health services, health centers, the pharmacy, dentistry and so much more. They really want the best for every single one of their students and will make everything they can available to help foster success.

V- Views of the BellTower

Name something more beautiful than the BellTower at sunset. Or sunrise, or any freaking time of day. It's the lock screen picture to my phone. And I guarantee you won't find a better place to take pics with the girls.

W- Western Blvd. traffic

If you know, you know. Everyone underestimates the power of Western Blvd. to make you late for wherever you're trying to go no matter the time of day.

X- Exams?? I tried on this one guys

Yeah, there's really not many words that start with X, but how could I miss exam week? Good luck getting a room at D.H Hill (or any space to sit at all). You could try Talley but it's doubtful there's anywhere to sit there either. Gotta love exam week.

Y- Yellow staircases at Hunt

Someone, please tell me why they chose the loudest, most obnoxious color of yellow for a library. I'm waiting.

Z- Zero regrets on the wonderful school you chose

This one speaks for itself. I can't picture myself anywhere else for the next three years (except for when I study abroad through our amazing study abroad program!!)