ABC's ‘The Good Doctor’ Continues To Break Barriers

ABC's ‘The Good Doctor’ Continues To Break Barriers

The show recently earned Freddie Highmore his first Golden Globe Award nomination.

I seriously don't know how to survive Mondays anymore now that ABC's "The Good Doctor" has finally concluded with its midseason finale. But all is well because the show did leave Freddie Highmore, who plays Shaun Murphy, with his first Golden Globe Award nomination. The actor has been passed on many times- might I add unjustly- for many major awards despite his stellar performance as Norman Bates on A&E's "Bates Motel." ABC has finally granted Highmore much-deserved recognition for his acting.

The day "The Good Doctor" premiered its pilot episode I was left in awe by the sophistically painted character, Shaun Murphy, a character who continues to break boundaries and typical stereotypes associated with autism. The show went even farther by including an autistic patient, played by the autistic actor, Coby Bird, in the episode "22 Steps." That was inspiring and a real life break in the glass ceiling for autism-related stereotypes. The show has thus far shown us a spectrum of emotions from our beloved character ranging from love, fear, anxiety, and pure relief.

In the end, it spins off with an unlikely ordeal: the mental breakdown of Dr. Murphy after an encounter with Dr. Glassman. I know a lot of my friends were really annoyed at that portrayal of Shaun, but I personally think that the breakpoint was definitely very important for Shaun's journey further in the series. The point is that regardless of Shaun's autism, Dr. Murphy and many doctors around the globe can and do have breakdowns. Whether that makes them or breaks them depends entirely on the circumstances. That just goes to show that doctors too are merely human. Highmore's portrayal of that catharsis was on point. Shaun had all of these social encounters and tried to place himself in the shoes of other people by trying to interpret social clues. His emotions, in the end, were a portrayal of that. Glassman has been suggesting that he needs help, and he just wants to be heard.

Furthermore, due to the tensions in production business with regards to many brewing sexual harassment allegations and the "Me Too" movement, ABC did not fail to address that such issues can arise in any sort of professional field. This was the case with Dr. Claire Brown being harassed by a senior doctor. She was afraid to speak up like many people are, and in doing so, she revealed to Jared her concern of being fired due to the allegation. Jared was then fired because he physically assaulted his senior, in his attempt to stand up for Claire.

I can't wait to see how ABC will pull these ends together on January 8th, when the series will return on air.

Cover Image Credit: ABC / Newsday

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6 Best Music Styles For Studying

Music follows us everywhere, sometimes at inconvenient moments.

Music follows us everywhere, sometimes at inconvenient moments.

We automatically reach for it to replace the silence. Whether at a party or in the car, it is second nature to immediately use it to fill the surroundings.

It arouses emotion during an on-screen kiss and heightens suspense as the hero saves the day. It pulses through your headphones, fueling your adrenaline as you run.

As students, it is a vital instrument to keep us going throughout the day. However, some have not quite yet mastered the ability to concentrate on tasks while listening to music. With that being said, my Spotify experience has allowed me to compile the perfect playlist to get in the right headspace.

1. Television Soundtracks

Lately, this has been my go-to when trying to do homework assignments. 13 Reasons Why came out around this time last year, but it never gets old. The soundtrack is diverse in its moods and styling. Yet each individual song carries a calming quality.

I finally watched the much-admired NBC show This Is Us. Like the show, the soundtrack is just as awe-inspiring. The opening score itself is the perfect backtrack for study sessions. Jazz pieces and folksy, acoustic tracks provide a pleasing blend of sounds.

2. Film Scores

The greatest films are accompanied with likewise arrangements. Scores set the atmosphere and intensify moments. Music from movies like UP! and Harry Potter give an air of lightness and curiosity. Since there are no lyrics, this type of music can be listened to mindlessly while focusing on heavy material.

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5. Coffee Shop

There is a reason that half of UF's population can be found at coffee shops. Not only is it feeding into students' coffee addiction, but it is also because of the music. The music creates the atmosphere. Songs played are specifically tailored for people to concentrate. Several coffeehouse playlists can be found on Spotify.

6. Acoustic Calm

If you are into listening to popular hits but cannot fully focus on homework or studying, the playlist Acoustic Calm on Spotify offers acoustic and instrumental versions of top songs.

Cover Image Credit: Bonnie Kittle

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1. "Grease"

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2. "High School Musical"

As the star athlete falls in love with the nerdy new girl, we fall in love with the two as well. "We're all in this together" as we watch the three movie musicals and sing along knowing every word.

3. "Mamma Mia!"

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4. "Camp Rock"

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8. "Rent"

One of the most popular musicals to date brings attention to the LGBTQ+ community in a good way. "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure a year in the life?"

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