Tribute to southwest detroit

Poetry On Odyssey: A Tribute To The City That Made Me Who I Am Today

Southwest Detroit is more than a city to me, its my home and no matter where I go, I know I will always come back.

Adriana Mora

A Tribute To The City That Made Me Who I Am Today

Cheers to the city I was born and raised in.

This is a tribute to Southwest Detroit.

Thank you for all of the amazing opportunities and the even better memories.

I met my first love in your parks.

I got my education in your finest schools.

You gave me my culture and never let me lose my language.

Thank you for all of the adventures whether it was at El Salpicon on a Friday night with my girls

Or at Chatos with my family on a Saturday night watching my cousins play soccer.

Thank you for the amazing memories with the ones I loved most.

You welcomed my parents and made a home for them when no one else would.

You welcomed my family and allowed them to flourish.

People may call you dangerous but I promise you wherever I go I will tell them of the amazing childhood I had

and how close everyone was.

I will tell them about the summer days where the firefighters would invite the neighborhood to get wet at the hydrants.

I will tell them about the winter days where we had snowball fights

I will tell them about the rainy days we filled with tag, hide&seek and much more

You gave me the best memories I could ever ask for and then more

Wherever I go next, I promise to one day come back and help the new people building homes here.

I promise to help as much as I can

I promise to come back and give another little girl the same hopes and dreams you gave me.

Thank you Detroit, without you I wouldn't be pursuing the career I am.

I would have lost my language and my culture with it

Thank you for never giving up on me

With love,


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