With cell phones becoming more popular social media apps and texting have become a more common way of communication. Walking around campus people are either texting or talking to someone on their phone but one thing I have also noticed is that we have begun to lose our confidence in talking to people. I have always been shy but the first thing I do when I go to a new place is pull out my phone until I see someone I know that I can talk to. As someone who is heavily involved in their social media for work and for their free time, I have started to see how social media can affect us. However, one of the biggest things I hear people complain about is how much time they use waiting for that text back from that guy or girl they really like.

When I was in high school I learned about the dangers with "double texting" someone you like and I actually use that as an idea when talking to someone I don't know too well but I have begun seeing people get upset about someone next texting back. We sometimes get so caught up in waiting for something a meaningless as a text we might lose track of other things occurring in our life. There have been countless times I have been with my friends and have regularly checked my phone waiting for that one response from a girl I liked. It made me lose track of what was going on around me and there are times I wish I didn't get so involved with texting.

Growing up I always thought the people who didn't play a big role in my life were people I needed to please. The idea that if they didn't text me back I didn't feel I was good enough but as I have gotten older I realize that texting isn't the most important thing in life. If you send a text and the person doesn't respond they just don't respond it isn't a huge deal. If I have to text one of my friends and ask them a question and they don't respond I'll call them and just leave a voicemail. We sometimes think it can be the end of the world if someone doesn't respond to us but we have to realize if someone doesn't respond it isn't necessarily against us.

There are so many people in life who love and care for us and we need to love and care for them too. Not everyone is going to respond to your text about who is going to the bars tonight but there are going to be people who respond to a text that asks who have they been and if you would like to catch up sometime. Some of my closest friends I only talk to every once in a while but they are still my closest friends because we always find a time to catch up. Some of my friends and I have known each other for more than ten years but I don't get frustrated when they don't respond.

It can be upsetting when someone doesn't reply to you but there are other things that matter in life. A text takes ten seconds to send but remember not everyone might have as much time as you. We shouldn't break our backs over someone not texting back because at the end of the day there are more important things.