​A Short Biography of Mohsen Motamedian
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​A Short Biography of Mohsen Motamedian

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Mohsen Motamedian (Max Motamedian), Biography - Real estate is a big business with a lot of potentials. Some people use real estate to invest, while others make it their bread and butter. Just like any other investment, you should also analyze real estate investments, or else you may incur a loss. In such a case, it is always better to consult a real estate expert who can offer you guidance and services.

Mohsen Max Motamedian is one such name in the United States who has a proven track record in the country's Real Estate Development & Services.

Mohsen Motamedian offers consultation for real estate, and he also offers tips to the people looking for investment in the real estate space. The scope of Max Motamedian's services is not just restricted to individuals, but many corporate houses also reach out to him to avail of his services. He has incepted the company Bashari Inc, and he is also the present CEO of Bashari Group of Companies. He overlooks the company's operations, and in addition, he has also been involved with sales, purchase, marketing, and consultations.

Mohsen Motamedian comes on board with 14 years of experience in the field, and this is what makes him one of the best for any real estate deals. His knowledge and experience can help you make capital gains from your real estate investment. Apart from providing general tips & consultation, Max Motamedian also offers personalized services to clients looking for some more value addition. Don't be surprised if you meet Mohsen Motamedian at any real estate event, as he actively participates in those events to maintain his network.

Max Motamedian & Personal Life

As per the information available, Mohsen Motamedian was born and brought up in California. He also completed his schooling at the State School, and in the later years, he enrolled himself at California State University, Long Beach. From California State University, he received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electronics. It was only during college that he found himself interested in the real-estate. He started learning more and more about real estate, and he decided to make a career in the same field.

Max Motamedian is also very fond of traveling & hiking, which makes him explore different locations. Mohsen Motamedian also participates in philanthropic activities, and he involves himself with the Autism Society & Child Foundation. He is also associated with other NGOs where he actively helps society.

Max Motamedian & Career Milestones

Mohsen Motamedian started his career as a digital marketer and a real estate agent. He polished his skills, which helped him form a better decision making power. He also got a chance to enhance his soft skills as he closely worked with the sales & purchase department. This was also when Max Motamedian incepted the organization Bashari LLC in 2008. The company experienced a rapid expansion because of the ever increasing client base. Few of the first clients of Bashari LLC were the corporate clients, which formed a major chunk of their revenue.

Max Motamedian has been a pillar to Bashari LLC's success, and he has involved himself with almost every activity of the organization. He has impressive networking skills, and you will find him attending many seminars and workshops around the globe. He is also the representative of Bashari LLC, and he has been the main driving force behind the organization's success. The futuristic approach and the efficient decision-making process are what sets Max Motamedian apart from the other real-estate consultancies/service provers in the country. You can approach him with your needs in the real estate domain.

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