A one-stop marketplace for sharing of skills, goods, assets and everything under the sun: ShareMeAll

A one-stop marketplace for sharing of skills, goods, assets and everything under the sun: ShareMeAll

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A one-stop marketplace for sharing of skills, goods, assets and everything under the sun: ShareMeAll

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary take on disrupting the way in which organizations perform. From eradicating the role of middlemen to bringing authority into the hands of the consumers, Blockchain is effectively living up to its core idea of decentralization. While every sphere of operation is largely being remodeled with the inclusion of Blockchain technology, there still persists a wide gap between the cause of Blockchain technology and its direct objects, i.e, the commoners itself.

The upcoming ShareMeAll Project is an attempt to tap right on the logical understanding of the common masses and establish an ultimate awareness, adoption, and utilization of the technology altogether. Started with a perspective to allow people the sharing and exchange of not only skills, but also objects, assets, all or part of their homes, their cars and everything imaginable, ShareMeAll is an alternative community project that targets the most active section of online buyer-seller platforms that consistently come up with services to avail and offer all the same.

The incentive is scheduled to be run on the new ShareMeAll internet and mobile exchange platform where participants only need to register and start presenting and availing services from people across the globe. The project visions to bring back the old barter trading system, but with a twist. The ShareMeAll platform offers people to trade and use what the rest of the community has to offer and in turn provides them with it personal cryptocurrency, eSwitch® tokens, that will allow them to make the most of services, objects, housing, or whatever facilities they avail.

The cryptocurrency flagged by the ShareMeAll Project, eSwitch®, is a robust exchange that pursues fostering of trust among users on the sharemeall.com platform. Each exchange through the ShareMeAll platform is secured and archived by the crypto eSwitch® blockchain. The cryptocurrency exchange system is designed in a way that the exchange of goods and services is accomplished with the specific person as the center and universal values, such as emancipation, goodwill and security as the catalysts.

This project is an initiative to realize the concept of Global Village by connecting people around the world in real-time. Besides enforcing a global network and encouraging interaction of people who share common interests, skills, and resources, the project prods a seamless and fluid appropriation of the Blockchain technology in people's day-to-day lives.

The eSwitch® ICO pre-sale is on and catching eyes all over. The Ethereum Blockchain Technology based cryptocurrency, with its progressive structure, is leading in the race to be the most eminent marketplace token of tomorrow.

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I Turned 21 And Gave Up Alcohol For Lent

Since I am now 21, I chose to give up alcohol; it was pretty eye-opening.


I had a very monumental birthday not too long ago. I am the youngest of my friend group, so turning 21 was an even bigger deal. I am also Catholic so when Lent came around I was trying to think of something to give up that would be a real challenge. For over 40 days, I gave alcohol up cold turkey. This is not to say I had a problem or anything, but I definitely enjoy a good beer with my dinner. Giving up alcohol would be something rewarding and would make me think about my choices.

1. I was able to drive no matter what!

The eternal question "Who is going to be the driver?" was not an issue with me around. I was happy to drop people off at the bars, pick them up at odd hours of the day, or if I went over to friend's house, I was able to leave at any time I wanted — what can I say, I love sleeping! It was huge to me, I knew everyone was home safe and sound with me driving. I was so excited to

2. You Do Not Need Alcohol to Have Fun

I went to the Chancy Williams and the Younger Brother's Band concert. They are incredible (if you have never heard them, listen to all their music! I am an unofficial spokesperson.) I had so much fun at that concert and what was even better, I was able to remember the entire concert easily! I was able to enjoy every second of the entire night! I got to be present with my friends and that is what college is all about!

3. Energy for Days!

No hangovers, no throwing up, and the next day was full of great activities! I was able to go outside and enjoy my day! It felt like getting a whole extra day to the weekend! Who can complain about that?

Although I like a good beer at the end of the day, after my Lenten sacrifice, I might just pass up on the pilsners and ales from here on out.

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JASON Qian from Petchains to make market platform which gives authenticity

The World's 1st Pets Short Video Platform


Blockchain is a versatile technology that has been spanning the length and breadth of marketing precincts and revolutionizing their mechanisms. Having disrupted multiple operational systems ranging from governance to retail to healthcare, blockchain is now gearing up to revitalize the pet ecosystem and economy with 'Petchains'.

Petchains is a global pet market information management system and trading platform aimed at enhancing the pet economy and pet owners lifestyle. It is an incentive dedicated to development of a new pet community on a digitalized interface of emerging technologies like big data and blockchain technology. The project runs on a Dapp based on the 'social networking is mining' model that paves way for a pet owners community with live social behavior where owners can upload videos and other activities of their pets and react with thumbs-ups and comments for posts

.It is a new idea that "Petchains" aims pet owners,but not "pet" itself,which is an important difference can lead the project to success. Further the cutting-edge technology ensures high level of authenticity of services and resources provided by pet practitioners functioning through the platform. Features like, pet products trading, pet electronics, pet interactive toys and provision of pet medical products highlight the inclusive ecosystem that Petchains is creating.

Jason Qian who is skilled technical personnel having worked in ZTE Corporation under the roles of terminal country representative. In realizing Petchains, Jason has congregated a team of professionals and experts in computer science, global pet products trading specialists, Blockchain specialists, academics and business consultants committed to the cause.

Petchains is backed by the exchange Petcoin (PTCS) that can be used to avail the services offered on its exhaustive platform. PTCS is aimed at providing a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on Petchains.

The PTCS token sale is live and can be partaken on its official website. Join the revolution now to help nurture and render a safe sphere of existence and growth for animals around you.

You may also follow Petchains twitter handle @petchins1 to stay on the crest of events surrounding the ICO.

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