Sometimes people lose hope, but remember, girls, someone out there does love you.

To the girl who stays home from school because she's too depressed to get out of bed, I love you.

To the girl who stands in front of the mirror, unable to fight the tears as she criticizes every inch, I love you.

To the girl who can't keep her dinner down because she only lost two pounds, I love you.

To the girl who cries on the tile of her bathroom floor, razor in her hand, I love you.

To the girl who wears a long sleeve shirt in the middle of August to hide all of her scars, I love you.

To the girl who pops a handful of pills just to feel normal for a while, I love you.

To the girl who drowns her feelings in a bottle of booze, I love you.

To the girl who watches the one she loves fall in love with someone else, I love you.

To the girl who has a mother that tells her she isn't good enough, I love you.

To the girl who locks her bedroom door whenever dad's been drinking, I love you.

To the girl who won't go home tonight because her parents are always fighting, I love you.

To the girl who feels hopeless and alone, planning to take her life, I love you.

Lastly, to whoever is reading this letter, wherever you may be, remember somebody out there does love you. (Even if it's only me.)

In life, we go through many different stages and changes. We have many bumps along the way, but that shapes who we are. Many girls in this world suffer from the feelings of being alone due to their circumstances or experiences. I am here to tell you, you are not alone. We have all stayed up at night waiting for the boy of our dreams to text back. We have all felt insecure in an outfit before. We have all felt like never leaving our beds some mornings. Everyone will experience different things and at different points in their lives. However, the similarities within it all are that we ALL know how you feel. Someday, somewhere, someone does love you. Every single human being is loved. Whether it is your family, friends, significant other, or even me after reading this letter, you are blessed.

I know life can knock everyone down sometimes. I know the feeling of being unsure what to do. I know the feeling of heartbreak. I know the feeling of happiness.

I feel that we need to unite as women and build each other up. We need to be there for one another because we ALL go through these things.

Big problems or small, they are all important. Many people think that if depression is not apparent then it is non-existent. That is false. You never know what someone may be going through deep inside. I am lucky enough to be able to write this letter to all of us girls and raise the awareness for our kind. We are special. We have been brought to this earth to glow the faces of many, spread love to others, and influence younger generations to do the same.

Being a girl is a blessing.

We have the power to love unconditionally.

To all the girls out there, WE can make changes by simply spreading love little by little each day. WE can stick by each other's sides and assure our relationships with one another. WE can unite as a whole to let that abandoned girl know someone out there does love her.