A Letter to Myself, circa July 17th, 2018

Dear You,

I know you're probably only consulting this letter as a guiding light, as a way to find some peace and quiet during a time when everything is exactly the opposite-loud and stressful, riddled with anxiety about what your freshman year of college has in store for you and the stress of not being prepared enough.

So I'll keep it straight to the point, and give you only those harsh, realistic truths all those prospective student days kept hidden from you.

Yes, that's right. No more sugarcoating, no more "freshman-proofing" every dorm room ladder and dining hall.

The truth is: college is going to be like nothing you expected, and honestly, there is nothing you can do to truly prepare yourself for the tidal wave of brand new emotions and experiences that's about to hit the shores of your little life.

You thought high school was a lot of work? I'm laughing just remembering how easy it was back then. Brace yourself for plenty of nights where you'll consider staying the night in Raynor, a newfound obsession with all things coffee, and a pile of dried-up pens collecting dust on your desk, because, well, you'll stop studying in your dorm after the first three days.

Also-you're going to hate your major. Like, a lot. To the point where you'll be in tears every night throughout the month of December, dreading every day you have to drag yourself to chem or bio.

But don't worry-second semester, you'll switch, and school will become fun again for the first time in eight years.

I know you're sad about leaving your friends, and that you're dreading have to find new ones in a rather unfamiliar place. Here's my advice-leave them.

Trust me when I say that this year, you'll meet the best friends you've ever had. You'll laugh together; you'll cry together; you'll feast on mac n nugs in Wild at 3 am together, and you'll go through sorority rush (yes, that's right-it's time to branch out and leave those silly little stereotypes for good) together; you'll be with them when you secure your first internship (start looking on Handshake now, or as soon as you get the chance-trust me, all the searching and resume-building will pay off in the end) , and you'll be with them when you're crying about some stupid boy (you can do better, sweetie) that won't matter in a few weeks, anyways.

It's all going to go by so fast. Enjoy every minute, every second you get to share with all the amazing people you're going to meet.

Because now, I miss them dearly, and have been counting down the days until August 24th since the moment I left.

So....yeah, actually. That's really all I'm going to tell you for now.

Get ready to start one of the craziest & best years of your life. So far, anyways.



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