Dear reader, first I would like to say that you are doing all right. Your constant efforts are more than enough, and one day, soon enough, you'll accomplish whatever it is you're striving for.

It's OK if sometimes you just need to stop for a moment and breathe.

It's OK if sometimes you need to stop because everything is overwhelming you.

It's OK if sometimes you decide to start over, even if you've made a lot of progress thus far.

It's OK, and it is going to be OK.

I'm pretty sure that we can all agree on how much of a burden the simplicity of being alive is. We can all agree how growing up is one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences we can go through. It's riveting, too – but mostly frightening.

It's OK if you're probably living one of your happiest moments, and somehow you're unhappy. It's a common thing, I believe. I've been in your shoes. I'm in your shoes, I think.

It's OK if you still have no idea where you want to take your life. Being barely in your twenties is still early for most of us – not everybody can build a house from the ground at this age. Not everybody can start a business that will soon become a successful business. Not everybody can earn fame at such a young age. You should never bring yourself down for the success of others.

Those who manage to accomplish it should be a source of inspiration: if they can do it, why can't I? Sure, it might take time. But an unruly and fierce belief that you can always win should stride by your side. That hunger that you feel should fuel your resolve and drive. You're unstoppable.

Dear reader, you are a calamity. A force to be reckoned with. You're the winner of your own story. You win that gold medal whenever you pick yourself up and continue the patchy road.

Dear reader, you and I have both demons of our own, but they don't define you. You're bigger than a Titan – than the universe. And you are unstoppable.