A Guide to Hoarding Boards
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A Guide to Hoarding Boards

A Guide to Hoarding Boards

 Guide to Hoarding Boards

A Guide to Hoarding Boards

The panels surrounding a construction site are known as hoardings; they can be made of metal or wood, and are going to provide security, safety, and protection for the construction employees and the public. Hoardings can also be great advertising tools.

They tend to be 2m in height and form a barrier around the site. They are sturdy and thick and provide a barrier that will ensure no one is accidentally injured, among all the dangerous materials and tools.

They will also provide a visual break between the construction site and the local environment. There are people who find construction sites to be unsightly and are an eyesore on the area they are in. Hoarding will provide you with a way of hiding that sight so that the local ambiance remains without causing much disruption. The panels can be even more appealing and exciting with the addition of hoarding graphics.

Why is it important to have hoardings?

HS2 site hoardings

Hoarding boards are an important part of the construction process, and they are important because of a couple of reasons. They come in two broad distinct areas – the physical and practical benefits to the site (and the public) the hoarding will offer. It also provides for advertising and branding opportunities:

Practical benefits

Hoardings are required by law because, in both rural and urban environments, the protection and safety of the workers and public is the most important thing. The rules and regulations applying to hoardings are fairly specific and will provide you with guidelines about location, size, material, and more.

When it comes to the practical impact of hoardings, their main function is ensuring that there are only limited and defined access points to the construction sites. The large wooden panels are shields – that shelter the site from outside eyes protects the surrounding areas from debris and dust, and ensure that the local community is not going to be affected by the unattractive building site as it is being constructed.

Visual benefits

Aside from the practical, physical benefits that hoardings bring, there are some branding and advertorial impacts that hoarding is going to offer the business – whether it applies to the contractor working on the project or another party involved, or even a third party or local business.

There are many ways hoarding can be used in this way – you need to talk to a print supplier and let them create a series of graphics for you. You will be surprised how the hoarding gets transformed from just a simple barrier into an amazing work of art.

Some interesting ways of making use of hoardings include;

Brand awareness

Whatever approach you choose to take with graphics, one of the biggest benefits you can expect to get is the massive boost it has on brand awareness. This is true for those hoarding located in roadsides, urban areas, or other spaces that receive a large amount of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. This means many eyeballs are going to see the hoards.

The more people see the hoarding, the more the chance for brand awareness. The size of the hoarding also means graphics are large and will grab the attention of the viewers and will leave a lasting impression. This is going to have a bigger visual impact compared to other forms of outdoor advertising.

Wayfinding signage

When you install them in urban environments or places that receive a lot of foot traffic, hoardings can be used as effective wayfinding signage platforms. This can be used by local businesses because they can use it to encourage potential customers to pay them a visit, which lets them know where the business is located.

This is going to be useful especially when the construction site obstructs or obscures a pathway they might have wanted to use. It can give them alternative directions or information that will help them.

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