A few ideas for tattoo designs and styles for women
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A few ideas for tattoo designs and styles for women

tattoo designs

A few ideas for tattoo designs and styles for women

Tattoos are in a constant state of flux, with new designs coming in and old ones changing in style and application.

Sometimes they're fun, sometimes they're dark and sometimes they're intensely dramatic. Most importantly, however, tattoos can do different things for different people and there is no one style or color that works for everyone.

A tattoo design for everyone is something that became a popular trend at the start of the millennium, and there are still several styles and approaches that will appeal to most people. Here are five tattoo ideas for the summer that look great for women of all skin tones.

1. Watermelon

Tattoos aren't necessarily unique for women, but the above watermelon and diamond pattern may be a particularly striking look for women. This design, while on the low-key side, is also colorful and looks great for those who don't go for the darker designs.

2. Silly-Cute

Bustle ranked the following sassy and cute tattoo options for women as some of their favorites for 2018:

Silly-Cute Tattoos That Women Are Loving In 2018 https://t.co/TqlDOHAYOP pic.twitter.com/0xM3Zo2Lds — Sally Beauty (@SallyBeautyEnt) January 4, 2018

3. Animal Lover

Instead of wanting to show off their favorite animal, perhaps a woman of any skin tone would rather show off her favorite animals. Her favorite creatures are usually large, such as tigers, horses, and other animals that stand out.

4. Fresh Spring Flowers

She has beautiful, fresh blooms as a tattoo design on her, and now that it's spring she doesn't want to cover them up.

5. Celeb Inspired

Celebrities are always changing their looks, and since tattoos are sometimes connected to a celebrity or style, they're more likely to be seen as fashion statements.

Some women want tattoos that stand out, and celebrities' designs are often recognizable. These tattoos are usually small or less attention grabbing in other ways, which makes them a bit more subdued for women.

But no matter what type of tattoo you want to get, they're all available for your design inspiration. The internet is a great source for graphic ideas and even though not everyone's going to want to get a matching set of sleeves or a multi-piece design, their styles are a great jumping off point for even more unique ideas.

One thing to remember is that if you are looking for inspiration, to look at designs that will work on different skin tones. A tattoo that only works on a light tan or a light brunette, for example, won't look as good on darker skin tones. Also, if you want to be memorable, it's usually best to choose a tattoo that only you would want to get.

Women love to look at tattoo designs, and it can be a great way to keep their own inspiration fresh. Just be sure to use your common sense when picking designs, and don't get anything you're not sure you want to get forever.

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