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Is the color of the city lights

Shimmering, like a mirage only seen in the moon's waking hours


Is the color of the rising sun

Disrupting their reverie


Is the color of their skin

A sickly, torpid pallor after late nights

They are all yellow

These late night thinkers

Trapped in their land of existentialism

Trying to escape their own minds


Was the color of his eyes

Seemingly deep and bright


Is the sky no longer

Dulled instead by grey and healed by a shade lighter than the clouds


Is the color of his eyes

No longer tranquil as the sky

But wild as the stormy sea

Never again to mean the same


Was the color of their nails

Matching clothes and painted faces


Was the color of their hearts

Not because of a darkness within

But because of the walls

Painted black and put up to hide behind

After M.C. Escher's "Bond of Union"

We're drifting apart

But still intertwined

And our broken hearts

Will soon unwind, if only to leave us undefined

Faded eyes

And weary smiles

Something about the lies

And all of these trials have dragged us for miles

Broken down

Like that old and rusted car

Our shattered parts all hit the ground

It feels so far and yet it doesn't seem to scar

Set adrift

Like a bubble in the air

We budge and we shift

Can't even care that life isn't fair

I don't recognize

Who that is in the mirror

And I don't recognize

The face that is near; it's become so unclear

But perhaps it's not so simple

We're not as broken as we thought

After all we have each other

And we are not all frayed and frought

Because we have each other

And I love you

Poem Beginning With a Line From Modest Mouse's Float On

Don't worry, even if things end up a bit too heavy

We'll all float on alright

Some have touched the ground

Some are still in the air

And yet it is here we've lost our minds

Set adrift like a ship at sea

The wind pushes us back and forth like waves against the hull

Stomachs churn like the turmoil below

We may touch the ground

Come back to Earth

For what goes up

Must come down

Please just let me fall into your arms

Like a tattered parachute

Caught in the branches of a tree

Fabric pierced and shredded

Like a heart that hoped too long

And laying limply up above

So I can't come back down

No I can't touch the dirt

Like a marionette I hang

Or a man in the gallows

No matter how much I try to break

I find I still have strings on me

Tethering me to this tree of mine

But how can I blame this stupid parachute

When I'm the one who jumped?

And how can I blame the pilot?

After all I climbed aboard.

No it doesn't matter where you took me.

I'm the one who jumped.

I just thought I'd see you at the bottom.

Now all that there is left to do

Is just

To float on.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

We sat on the floor

Of the old and musty dorm room

A blanket laid down

As a cushion

Sticky hands

And sticky lips combine

With sugary giggles

And music

And then we found

We could simply glance

To each other

And know exactly what the other was thinking

It was then I found

You can fall in love

Without ever thinking


After all,

It's a little hard

To not be close

When you stay up and talk

And listen to music

And laugh together…

And suddenly you find you've become best friends

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