Do you love tomatoes? How about basil and mozzarella? Appreciate the many health benefits of olive oil? If so, consider the Insalata Caprese (which means 'salad of Capri'). This is a classic Italian salad from the beautiful south island of Capri, Italy. Capri is located in the Naples region of Italy and has a rich tradition of culinary classics. Capri is a popular place for tourists to visit and is well known for its famous Blue Grotto cave. The dish is pronounced as "een-sah-LAH-Makkah-PREH-Zeh". When it comes to Italian Pizza in Dubai, this salad is perfect complimentary side.

One of the most simple and delicious salads in the world, the perfect Insalata Caprese is all about finding the right balance of the right ingredients: freshness is key. The cheese in this salad is special and particularly tasty: the buffalo mozzarella cheese in this dish is made from the milk of the domestic Italian water buffalo.

Crafted with white buffalo mozzarella (or mozzarella di bufala), ripe red tomatoes and fresh green basil, the colors in this salad resemble those of the Italian flag. A good olive oil, the 'salad dressing', makes this dish come alive. This dish should be served minimally refrigerated or at room temperature: too much refrigeration doesn't allow the amazing flavors to breathe. A slight dash of salt and pepper further let this dish's flavors shine.

This salad is considered an 'antipasto' or starter in the Italian culture. Nobody knows for sure when this salad first came about - but it's been around for quite a long time and is a favorite of both the Italian people and foodies around the world. There are some stories that King Farooq of Egypt once called this salad his favorite sandwich filling. Today, the salad is commonly served during the summer months and is paired with many classic Italian dishes - from pasta to pizzas. No longer exclusive to the region of southern Italy, the Insalata Caprese is now served at finer restaurants around the world.

As this dish originates from southern Italy, known for its volcanoes, it's not surprising that basil and tomatoes are key ingredients. These two greens grow heartily in the volcanic soil around southern Italy. Variations on this salad include: a drizzle of balsamic vinegar in addition to the olive oil, substituting the tomatoes for strawberries, using cherry tomatoes and serving the salad atop a plate of pasta and as toppings for a yummy pizza.

A definite Rocco's classic, our Insalata Caprese is made true to the Italian tradition. We use only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. The Insalata is prepared simply - with attention paid to the dish's aesthetic beauty and flavors. Our buffalo mozzarella is soft and just the right flavor to pair with the strong and delicious taste of our basil. As with all of our delicious meals, we prepare Pizza di Rocco Insalata Caprese made-to-order and it's available for free delivery.