When I was in high school, I was very dedicated to my studies. I worked hard on every assignment and really tried to apply myself every day. I remember going on Twitter after school and seeing tweets by people in college saying things like, "I wish I was still in high school when I was stress-free" or "college is 10 times harder than high school." As I read those tweets, I thought college would be hard, but not that hard.

I was wrong.

College is harder than high school because it is completely different. You can't even really compare them.

I am finding out that college is harder than high school because there is simply much more going on. At college, you're on your own, which adds to the increased levels of difficulty. To further explain, you're not only on your own but also in charge of your own education and staying on top of your assignments. It's basically you taking action in every part of your life.

The "balancing act" I'm referring to is trying to balance all of the aspects of college, from keeping track of your assignments, you're own downtime and time spent with friends. You might be asking yourself, "how does one person find balance in all of these different activities?" and honestly I don't know.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a freshman in college and am still learning how to find this balance. I will say, now that I am in my 6th week of college, I think I am getting a little better at this difficult balancing act. Just like in high school, I still try hard in everything I do. However, now I am learning added skills like time management and am adjusting to a completely new way of learning.

Whenever you do something for the first time, many unexpected things usually occur, and college is no exception to this. College and high school are entirely different and trying to make the transition from one to the other is a very difficult task. Within the first few days of college, I heard "get involved", "go to class" and "try making friends" pretty much every day.

To be fair, I think that is good advice. Since there's so much happening at college, there are plenty of clubs and organizations to get involved in and I would recommend looking into clubs with your interests. That being said, having support in college is crucial.

A major part in me finding balance in college is through the support of my friends and family. Sometimes you just need someone to talk too about what's going on; having a solid support system is key. As I continue college, I will (hopefully) find the balance I am looking for and continue to learn new things every day in order to accomplish this task. Wish me luck!