99 Different Ways College Kids Have Perfected Procrastination

99 Different Ways College Kids Have Perfected Procrastination

As if we don't know how to do this well enough.

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I think there's one thing that all college students know how to do well. Whether you're a freshman or a senior, or anything in between, we all know how to procrastinate. But just in case you need some new ideas, here's 99 ideas of how to procrastinate.

1. Sleep.

2. Order a pizza.

3. Walk to a coffee shop with friends to just sit and talk.

4. Read a book (that isn't assigned).

5. Take a walk.

6. Clean your room.

7. Go on a Target run.

8. Create a new Spotify playlist.

9. Write an article for Odyssey (I may or may not be doing this).

10. Look at your phone aimlessly for hours.

11. Search Pinterest for inspirational quotes to get motivated.

12. Scroll through BuzzFeed.

13. Bake some cookies.

14. Binge watch Netflix...like a whole season.

15. Go to the gym.

16. Post on social media about the stress of college.

17. Read the Bible.

18. Call your mom.

19. Call your dad.

20. Call your old friends.

21. Call your siblings.

22. Literally, just call everyone.

23. Take a Myers-Briggs test.

24. Sit and cry about all the work you need to do.

25. Go online shopping.

26. Plan how to re-decorate your whole dorm room.

27. Do your hair and makeup for no reason.

28. Plan elaborate pranks that you will never do.

29. Brainstorm ideas for all your future vacations you will go on when you have money.

30. Read the trending articles on Odyssey.

31. Listen and dance to music.

32. Go buy some Starbucks.

33. Decide on the next day's outfit.

34. Watch random videos on the internet.

35. Go through all of your emails from the past like seven years.

36. Do your laundry.

37. Fill out your planner for the whole semester.

38. Or compile all your schedules into one giant schedule.

39. Look up memes or funny Tumblr threads.

40. Color in an adult coloring book.

41. Go back through all your Pinterest boards that you've had since eighth grade.

42. Facebook stalk some random people.

43. Sign up for a LinkedIn and attempt to figure out what it is for.

44. Make a procrastination to-do list.

45. Lay in the grass and contemplate life.

46. Make a new friend.

47. Visit a dining hall for a snack.

48. Make coffee.

49. Take a shower.

50. Play Candy Crush.

51. Wash your dishes.

52. Read a bunch of daily odd compliments.

53. Take a bunch of those online quizzes that mean absolutely nothing.

54. Google yourself.

55. Watch a movie.

56. Check your horoscope.

57. Learn to play the ukulele.

58. Memorize a rap.

59. Or all of Hamilton.

60. Eat some chicken nuggets.

61. Get a salad to make yourself feel like you're actually healthy.

62. Look up the latest celebrity gossip.

63. Paint your nails.

64. Read the whole undergraduate catalog.

65. Color coordinate your closet.

66. Attempt to write a song.

67. Make a Pinterest craft.

68. Create an Amazon wishlist.

69. Vacuum.

70. Make (yet another) to-do list.

71. Look up old late night show videos.

72. Or better yet, look up some classic old YouTube videos.

73. And don't forget to watch Taylor Swift's new music video.

74. Eat some pizza rolls.

75. Watch some more Netflix.

76. Apply for an internship or job.

77. Modify or create your four-year plan.

78. Use a face mask.

79. Check how you look in all the Snapchat filters (with or without your mask, you decide).

80. Write some reviews for Yelp or TripAdvisor.

81. Learn a new language with Duolingo.

82. Try to win at 2048. (I almost forgot about that game.)

83. Watch a documentary.

84. Go to a sporting event.

85. Volunteer.

86. Organize your desk.

87. Count down how many more classes you have until the end of the semester.

88. Find concerts near you to go to.

89. Go to the mall.

90. Get excited about the fact that Chipotle is adding queso to their menu.

91. Plan a road trip.

92. Make a Christmas list.

93. Get other friends to procrastinate with you.

94. Stare at the wall.

95. Clean up your phone contacts.

96. Look at all your old photos and reminisce.

97. Go for a drive.

98. Get annoyed by the fact that this list only has 99 items, instead of 100.

99. Give up on procrastination.

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