Well, I was a late bloomer to be considered a "nineties baby," so I kind of doesn't consider myself that. I was born in December of 1998. It's pretty close to the early 2000s so this is what my childhood consisted of:

1. SillyBandz were the hottest trend

From a casual day at school to trading them at sleepovers, these rubber bracelets that conformed into cool shapes were the coolest things ever.

2. Kooky Pens

I would collect these. The more colorful, the better. The rubber "hair" gave it personality. The kooky names gave them character and we were all living for it.

3. Smelly Markers

Self-explanatory. These made drawing 100 times more fun. I still remember my favorite scent: orange

4. Scratch N' Sniff Stickers

I had a TON of these as a little kid. My classmates would trade these all the time (along with SillyBandz) and we'd all giggle with joy in class knowing we got a new scent.

5. Glow-in-the-dark Stars

Now, these were tricky to use because it all depended on where you placed them. But when you hit the lights and looked up at the ceiling, you were looking at the stars.

6. MP3 Players

Call this the "BIT" (Before iPhone Time). Walking around with this in your hand, headphones in your ears, jamming down the sidewalk, you were by far the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

7. Chokers

Still, an iconic piece of jewelry today these plastic designs wrapped around our necks made all people feel like royalty.

8. Bop It!

I still have this. Mind you I am in college, yet my friends and I still love playing the party version. The adrenaline you get when that voice goes faster and faster is unbeatable. You can bop it, you can pull it, you can twist it. You can spin it, you can shake it, you can even flick it. But how long can you play with it?

9. Furby

It was like a baby doll, except more animal life and furry. You could play with it, feed it, talk to it, heck, you could even throw it up in the air. Their big eyes looked into our eyes and stole our hearts with its charm.

10. Brain Quest

I could just be the biggest dork in the world. But when a teacher whipped out these babies I had the biggest smile. It was compact, educational, and colorful, what more could a kid ask for

Obviously, there are more, but these were staples in my childhood. The '90s were a time to never be forgotten.