9 Of The Best Ways To Reward Yourself After Finals

With finals week coming to end, there is no better time to relax and treat yourself after the most stressful week of the semester. The all-nighters, junk food binges, caffeine overdoses, and headaches are over. If you've had a bad semester, take this time to learn from the mistakes you've made and better yourself in the upcoming semester. Finals week stressors do not compare to the amazing moments that occur during the previous weeks. Oh, you changed your major? That's OK. Congratulations! And if you had the best semester of your life, double congratulations!

1. Take a mini-vacation.

Take a forty-five-minute drive to the beach and spend the day soaking up the sun. Or maybe your favorite vacation is two hours away, regardless, do it. Enjoy a day away from the place that just gave you a week's worth of stress.

2. Eat all your favorite foods.

This week we've been filling ourselves with gallons of coffee and late night snacks. Reward yourself with a delicious meal that isn't just potato chips and candy.

3. Binge watch a show.

We've had to avoid our favorite T.V. shows to stay focused on writing long papers or the novel of notes we have had to study. But now, you can officially sit on your couch all day and binge-watch your go-to show.

4. Have a wine night.

The tragic week of hiding all the alcohol just so there are no distractions is over. Now, you can finally pop open the double of wine. Don't feel bad for drinking every drop.

5. Go on a mini shopping spree.

I'm not necessarily saying you should go out and blow your whole paycheck, especially after the amount of money you probably spent on coffee. However, this is a great time to buy yourself a little something to show off all the hard work you've done. Treat yourself.

6. Thank your professors for a great year.

This may seem crazy and you may be thinking "why would I ever want to communicate with a professor that just contributed to the worst week of my life?" I promise it's rewarding to send the official email that you are done with a class. Thank them for helping your learning process and later in life when they say they'll write you a recommendation letter, it'll feel even more rewarding.

7. Get a massage.

After sitting long hours and slouching, this is the perfect way to release all of the stress by letting a professional work out all those knots.

8. Go to a bar.

We've been driving by our favorite bar all week and it even got to the point where you were willing to pay cover, so, now it's time to pay cover and grab that barstool.

9. Sleep.

Sleeping for twelve hours straight is completely normal after finals. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

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