9 Times It's Appropriate To Look At Photos Of Dogs

9 Times It's Appropriate To Look At Photos Of Dogs

Man's best friend is everyone's best friend.

Dogs. Man's best friend. One of the greatest creatures that I have the great opportunity to have for a good chunk of my life. It's always fun to be around these animals, but it's also fun when you get to look at cute pictures of them when needed. So here are nine perfect opportunities to look at dog photos.

1. When you're missing your own dog

2. When stressing out over a test

3. When you're heartbroken and need a pick-me-up

4. When you just want to look at dogs

5. When you come across dog videos on your Facebook or Twitter timeline

6. When you feel like you need something to smile about

7. When you want to show your family or friends this one cute dog photo

8. When you're looking to adopt a dog and you want to find that perfect dog

9. Because they are dogs and they are amazing

Basically what I am trying to say is that any time is the perfect time to look at dog pictures. In fact, to end this, here is a picture of my own dog. Happy dog looking!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Alliance University Chancellor believes PM Modi’s big announcement can improve higher education in India

Alliance University’s Chancellor, Sudhir G Angur has appreciated PM Narendra Modi’s initiative for the improvement of higher education

Alliance University’s Chancellor, Sudhir G Angur has appreciated PM Narendra Modi’s initiative for the improvement of higher education in India. Praising the PM’s stance, the chancellor has said that the initiative is ‘one of its kind’, and is bound to benefit the higher education sector in India.

His statement came in the wake of PM Narendra Modi’s centenary address at the University of Patna in Bihar, which included the announcement of a competition to identify 20 Indian universities that have the potential to become ‘world class’. 

In his speech, the PM had also declared to offer these universities the much-needed financial support, in order to unshackle them from regulations and restrictions. As announced by the PM, these universities will be free to develop their own roadmaps and pursue their ideas of excellence.

Although some educationists expressed skepticism regarding the announcement, Prof. Sudhir G Angur believes that the government is moving in a great direction, as far as the education sector is concerned. According to him, innovation along with implementation is the chief ingredients for the development of the education sector in India.

“The government is taking some unconventional initiatives for the education sector. I understand that some people feel that higher education in India needs some other, more important challenges. However, something is always better than nothing. A new policy is a welcome change,” said the educationist Sudhir G Angur.

He added, “In a large and populous country like India, implementing educational reforms and policies is a tricky task to undertake. Although the allocation of Rs 1,000 crore per university/educational institution is not large by certain international standards, it still is a significant amount of money in the country. Since these funds are being provided in resonance with the speed they can be absorbed, the education sector is witnessing positive changes.”

According to the Chancellor, the process introduced by PM Modi will help the government in indentifying visionary educational institutions where financial aid would be utilized well. This, in turn, would inspire investors all across the globe to invest in the best institutions of the country, enabling them to grow stronger.

“I believe that this process is a great way to channel private investments to the right and deserving places. The large endowments of elite US colleges and universities were all built by private wealth. A similar attribute could be developed in India, and the competition would facilitate this development,” said Sudhir G Angur.

According to the revered educationist, the scheme holds the potential of driving a shift in the existing culture of educational institutions. With a wise distribution and allocation of financial aid and other resources, the scheme is expected to support a growing number of Indian universities with infrastructural advancements.

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How To Quit Alcohol For Life With Alcohol detox Toronto

The whole process is backed by years of expertise, proven methods, and medical treatment in an organized way.

One of the toughest and yet the best decisions you take in life is to quit alcohol. Serious addiction to alcohol can disturb personal, social and professional life to huge extent, and may turn every good thing too sour or bad for you. Many people have seen this devastating effect of alcohol abuse in their lives, and many families and relationships have lost warmth, togetherness, love etc, and people have lost properties, faith, trust, health and all in alcohol addiction which went out of control. 

To save yourself and your family from the devastating effects of alcohol addiction, the best step is to decide to quit, and then immediately join a detox program in your city. The alcohol detox Toronto program is on such great initiative to help out the people who are victims and really want an addiction free life.

What is an alcohol detox program

The aim and objective of an alcohol detox Toronto program is to medically treat you in a systematic way so that you may get out of the effects of alcohol and its long term abuse within a very short time. The whole process is backed by years of expertise, proven methods, and medical treatment in an organized way. 

This needs a rehabilitation centre for the perfect ambience and setup it provides, a team of doctors and nurses and specialists to treat the patient or addict in several physical and psychological ways with compassion, care, and strictness as needed. This also demands routine interactions of the medical team with the addict to take him out of this addiction. And typical alcohol detox diet and medicines are given through the program with constant supervision and monitoring over the person so that not even a private moment can be used by the addict to get back to alcohol once it’s been restricted from him.

How to join a medical alcohol detox program

This needs some time, the fees for the detox program, and dedication. If you are not firm by mind, you get counseling as well to fix mind to get out of addiction. Joining the program is important because when you try to quit alcohol, the body can be tamed somewhat, but the mind doesn’t seem to listen. Years of addiction makes you a slave in the hands of alcohol, which only can be nullified through the proper dosage of the right detox medicines. And you need experienced doctors who have worked on such projects for years. That is why you need to visit a good medical center for alcohol detox Toronto aims.

Don’t let alcohol ruin your life

You always have hope left to come out of alcohol addiction when you have splendid detox centers near you. A suitable alcohol detox Toronto center can change your life for better forever. You simply need to give this a try with a firm mind, and the rest can be handled by the experienced team there. They have years of experience in handling addicts and helping them totally quit alcohol. And you can also do this with the little professional help.

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