I had writer's block this week, so I decided to write about one of my favorite shows, New Girl. New Girl is a show about a teacher, Jess Day, who moves into an apartment with three guys. Everything that happens after, is exactly what you would expect.

Sadly, New Girl will be coming to an end soon, and that’s a real tragedy if you ask me. It’s a pretty good show, and everyone related to one of the characters a lot more than they should, and some of the style on the show is absolutely iconic.

1. When this happened

True story, I once spilled a Venti iced coffee on myself in the school parking lot and drove ten minutes across town to change and get another coffee, which my loving mother put in the note she wrote to the administrator about why I was late. He laughed at me for six months.

2. And when this happened

This is the look on my face when certain people ask questions in my honors lecture.

3. When she was definitely NOT COOL

We’ve all been there.

4. When she felt just like the rest of us

This may or may not be me every Monday afternoon. Or whenever I check the weather and see a snowflake even though it’s APRIL.

5. I mean sometimes you’re just feeling it

6. Sometimes, you feel like this

We’ve all felt like this, don't lie.

7. But we should always feel like this


8. And we’re usually always like this

Especially when it’s 1 am on a Saturday and the OHOP (Orono House of Pizza) guy is coming.

9.I mean, we’re all Jess Day

But sometimes, we’re Winston...