9 Things Watching "Sex and the City" Has Taught Me

9 Things Watching "Sex and the City" Has Taught Me

Carrie and her friends are still showing us how to rock being a modern woman.


Although the hit T.V. show "Sex and the City" made its debut almost twenty years ago, Carrie and her friends (and boyfriends) still manage to teach lessons that apply in the modern world. Since I started watching the show, I've realized that the lovable characters' attitude towards life has changed the way I view my own. Here are 9 things I learned from watching "Sex and the City."

1. Women are just as sexual as men.

For ages, men have been pegged as the more "sexual" gender; they are seen as having the drive and the power, and women are supposed to be dainty and ladylike. However, "Sex and the City" completely obliterates that idea by following four women who are successful New Yorker and that seek men out on their own, sometimes just for sex, and that's normal

2. Although sex is a topic that no one seems to want to address, it's a fact of life.

Even though Charlotte covers her ears every time her girlfriends want to talk about it, the truth is that sex happens. It's a part of human nature, yet it's an almost forbidden conversation. Carrie and her friends talk about it constantly, and I hadn't realized that talking about something so intimate could seem so normal, but that's the way it should be. It should be acknowledged for what it is: a fact of life.

3. Women are still frowned upon for being self-sufficient.

Miranda, a successful New York lawyer, bought a huge apartment for herself, which is something she should have been proud of. However, she was badgered with questions by neighbors and real estate agents alike regarding who would be living with her and why she wasn't married in her thirties. People actually pitied her for having a great career and no man to share it with. This is still happening. Women are interrogated by their relatives at Thanksgiving and Christmas about why they don't have boyfriends when they're probably just fine alone. Women should not be ashamed of their success because they are self-made.

4. Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while.

Carrie may joke about wiping out her bank account on another pair of shoes, but she has a point. Women have so much going on in their lives, from work to school to motherhood to social lives, and it can get overwhelming at times. A step back is necessary, and who says it can't take the shape of a shiny new pair of shoes?

5. It's okay to date around. Actually, it's normal.

The women of "Sex and the City" go through quite few men before finding someone they want to forge a relationship with, and that's okay. Every person is unique, and it may take a while to find another person that will fit just right into your life. Women are often looked down on for dating around, but the reality is that Mr. Right probably won't be the first guy you go out with. Good things take time, and sometimes, great people are hard to find.

6. Being yourself is what people are attracted to.

In every episode, Carrie is rocking her own unique style. She loves funky shoes, mixing patterns and prints, and wearing her hair in its natural state. As a viewer, you can't help but admire her. She wears what makes her feel confident, allowing her to work the streets of New York as if she owns them, and it works. Men want Carrie, her awesome sense of style, and honest personality.

7. Communication without distraction is how relationships work.

"Sex and the City" was filmed in the late '90s and early '00s, otherwise known as the time before cell phones. Whenever the four friends go out to lunch or go on dates, I couldn't help noticing that the person they were with got their full attention: eye contact, engaged conversation, no cell phone. While phones have enhanced our ability to connect with one another, they've also compromised real human connection and conversation.

8. As a woman, it's okay to be successful, sexual, self-sufficient, and vulnerable.

The women in the show are all strong. They have built their own careers, they're confident, but they're also not afraid to put themselves out their and risk their hearts. These women want to have it all, and it's possible. It may be intimidating to be a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is willing to be vulnerable, but that's just what it takes to be a powerful woman.

9. No matter what, your girlfriends are the most important.

In Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha's lives, there is endless drama with men, their careers , and sometimes with each other. But at the end of the day, the four women always lean on each other for support and love. That's how it should be.

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