I have been working at a movie theatre for about a year and a half off and on as a seasonal employee. I love my job, it's fun and exciting, but after awhile you hear the same questions and remarks that get old after awhile in the box office.

1. "What movies do you have out?"

Are you serious? How do you just come to the movie theatre and not know what you want to see? Look around at the boards with the list of movies. It's like elementary school, the answers are around the room.

2. "What are children ages?"

At the theatre I work at, there is a huge sign that has every price and any ticket information you need, all you have to do is read! A 14 year old may be your child and one in the real world, but in movie theatre world, they are an adult.

3. "Ticket prices are expensive!"

Yes, it's 2015, movie tickets are expensive. Either see the movie now or wait a few months until it's on DVD or Netflix and watch it then.

4. "Why do you need to see my ID?"

Because it's a rated R movie. Unless you want us to allow young teenagers in the movie without supervision and ruin your movie experience, then just show us your ID. Think of it as a VIP access to a movie.

5. "I'm the parent, so I say they can see this movie if I'm buying their ticket"

Sorry doesn't work like that. If it's G to PG-13, that is fine, but if it's R then you need to see it with them. Does anyone read the signs set up all around the box office?

6. "Have you seen this movie?"

Usually the answer is no, then the famous statement, "You work at a movie theatre though." My response, "Exactly, I WORK." I don't always get to come in and see free movies whenever I want to, it's a job like any other, so the job comes first.

7. "Where's the manager?"

You would like to talk to a manager to have them tell you exactly what I told you? Go right ahead. Maybe because they have a title to their position, they will have a different answer. Nope, try again.The managers will simply tell you what we just told you.

8. "What are the movie times?"

How do you just decide to come to a movie without any idea of the times? Again, the answers are around the building or online, just a few clicks away. Look them up, or call in ahead of time and ask so you don't waste our time at the box office. Just don't get mad that there happens to be zero movies playing when you come in. Not our fault!

9. "What do you mean it's sold out?"

I mean, there are no more tickets available. New releases are bound to have sold out shows, so order your tickets online in advance then come in early to print them out or just come in and purchase them a day or two ahead of time. Don't get mad that you didn't plan this out then when you get there, the next four showings are sold out. Not our fault, we just sell the tickets.

The next time you go to the movie theatre, know that, yes, the tickets are pricey, but see if there is a discount day, or any other discounts offered. Use some common sense when purchasing tickets, attend a showing that not as many people would come. Usually between 5-8 o'clock at night, it will be busier than 9 or 10 o'clock at night. Box office employees are there to help, but we need cooperation from you too.