9 Things That Become Normal In College

Understandably, college brings out another side of you...

1. You NAP... a lot

When you're booked 24/7, you naturally get tired so napping becomes a necessity.

2. You don't dress to impress

Bye bye to those days you tried to look good and hello to the days of sweats and hoodies... aka the BEST days!

3. You run late to literally everything

Better late than never... am I right or am I right??

4. You miss your family

No matter how close or far away you are from your family, it's no surprise that you're missing them.

5. You eat too much

Late night snacks when studying becomes inevitable and avoiding those dining hall cookies becomes the biggest challenge so naturally... you eat a little bit too much


6. You eat too little

Maybe the dining hall just doesn't meet your standards of home cooked food... understandably

7. You rely on caffeine (way more than you should)

Those late night study sessions just wouldn't work out without that energy boost!

8. You're broke all the darn time

Why does everything cost money?? No wonder why you're always broke...

9. You're always at the doctor

You become immune to sickness... how ironic is that?

So now you know you're not the only one! Continue to live your best college life.

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