Living in a dorm on campus with other people, there are germs everywhere.

It is a guarantee that students will develop a cold (or three) at some point in the year, leaving them feeling just awful. Who is the first person college students call when they have a problem? Their parents.

So, when a little virus takes over their body, Mom and Dad are on speed dial, and there are things that are guaranteed to be said to them every time.

1. "Help."

It's crazy how a little virus can make you feel so dead inside every time.

2. "I'm so congested."

The worst part about a cold is the congestion in your nose and throat.

3. "I can't move."

"Oh, and did I mention that I'm dying?"

4. "How do I stop coughing?"

Moms know everything, right? So my mom must know how to get me to stop disrupting my roommate and the class, and get me to start breathing normally again.

5. "What medicine should I take?"

There are so many different brands that all do the same thing.

6. "How long will I feel like this for?"

"Because I never want to feel like this ever again."

7. "Come take care of me."

"How am I supposed to care for myself when I can barely get out of bed?"

8. "I want to come home."

Like changing the location of your suffering will somehow make you feel better. There is no place like at home in your own bed when you just don't feel like yourself.

9. "I miss you."

One of the only things in the world that will always make you feel better no matter what is a big hug from your mom or dad. They have the magic touch!